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Lands End big time mens sale

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    Wow great deal. Never have bought anything from LE before, only LEC. WIsh you could get this deal at Sears.

    Maybe I should go over there to check stuff out then order on the site.



      I have to agree with zerostyle above, regarding the waist measurement for their dress pants. I'm a 32 in almost all manufacturers (J. Crew, BR, Polo, Rugby, LL Bean Sig), but I wear a 33 in the mainline lands end products.

      I also should note that those Harris tweed Gloves that Joe posted the other day are now down to $35 shipped with this sale. I almost bought them with the 40% off code last night. So glad I waited!



        I find that interesting. I wear a 31" in J. Crew USFs, but definitely need a 30" in the tailored fit flannels from Lands End. I have the 31's and they're a little too big. Granted they may have stretched due to wear.



          Anyone have any experience with LE sweaters? I'm wondering if I should size down? I'm looking at this sweater:

          I'm 5'10", 150lbs and normally wear size 32 pants and 38-40 size coats.



            I don't with their sweater but I definitely had to size down in their shirts

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              I have a couple of their sweaters. I'm 6' and a 42. the mediums fit me well, not super trim, but OK, and the quality is very good. great chunky winter sweaters.

              I think you would do well with a small.



                Hmm...I'm 6'-ish and a 38-40.

                The small would be nice in terms of width but I fear the sleeves and body will be too short. I really wish they made a small tall...haha.



                  Anybody know how the tailored fit chinos fit? One review said they were pretty baggy above the knee, and some of the photos of other styles of tailored fit pants suggest this might be the case. I'm looking for something cut similar to 514s or slightly slimmer...



                    Thanks ChrisW! I went with my gut feeling and what you said, and ordered a small. Hopefully it'll fit nicely. Life would be so much better if retailers took their size guides more seriously!



                      Did anyone figure out how the fit of their shirts compares to LEC?



                        shirts run bigger than LEC. i'm a small or medium in LEC but a clear small in LE.

                        just ordered the moleskin pants. hope they're awesome!



                          Thanks hedet. I just received some shirts from LEC and size L fits me perfectly. I know I couldn't do M so it sounds like they would be boxier.

                          Those pants look nice. If I get the chance to stop by Sears later I may have to check those out, if they even sell those in-store.



                            Just ordered 2 pairs of the tailored fit year'rounder trousers.

                            Not bad @ $35 shipped for a slim pair of wool pants.



                              Trash: I got a pair of the tailored fit year rounder trousers in yesterday, so I should be able to comment.

                              The fit is somewhere between the levis 514 and the 501...I'd venture to say closer to the 514 side. Definitely not huge, but not super slim either. I'm 6'3", 175 lbs and the 32x34.5 fit me pretty well. Keep in mind that the rise on these will be a bit higher than some other brands, so if you don't bring them up to your waist, you will experience the diaper-butt syndrome. You could always bring them to a tailor as well, I suppose.

                              FYI, quality of this particular model (I picked up the houndstooth color) is pretty nice. Soft 100% wool, with a lining about halfway down.