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Extra savings tip when shopping online - Enjoy!

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    Extra savings tip when shopping online - Enjoy!


    If you do online shopping for clothes (or anything else), here are some extra tips that you can follow which should help you save a little more.

    1. Cash back (my favorite since it's the easiest)

    You can easily get cash back on your purchases by using a cash back website such as Mr. Rebates (my fav) or Ebates. It's very easy. Sign up, login, search for the store you're about to shop at, click through the link provided and check out! You should receive an email within few days letting you know that the cash back has been credited. This fund will not be instant (usually 30+ days) but it's extra cash saved and you can never have enough of that!

    Some examples of savings -

    During's 20% FF sale, Mr Rebates gave you 10% cash back on top of this.

    During Banana Republic's mystery 25-35% sale, Ebates gave you 10% cash back on top of this

    Here are 2 sites I use most of the time. There are more out there such as FatWallet, etc.

    (If you decide to sign up, I'll appreciate it if you can use my referral links below)-

    * Mr Rebates (my favorite, very easy to use)

    * Ebates (another good one)

    Cash back % varies all the time so it'll be good to compare and shop around before you make the purchase.

    2. Coupons (another easy one)

    Before I shop anywhere, I open up Google and simply type "storename coupon". (for example " coupons"). There may be a better coupon than the one you're aware of. People post coupons all the time on different coupon sites available on the net - such as

    3. Discounted gift cards

    If you're not in a hurry to make the purchase, you may want to search to see if there are any discounted gift cards available. You can search for them at eBay, gift card exchange websites or Craigslist.

    Here are 2 gift card exchange websites I have used previous with good result. Sometimes you can find gift cards discounted up to 15% -

    * Plastic Jungle

    * Card Pool


    Some examples of savings -

    Brooks Brothers 15% off

    Macy's 7% off

    Hope this post has been informative!


    @nix7 - thank you very much for this. We are all looking for ways to save money and every little bit (or lot) helps. Will definitely be doing this from now on.

    Another tip is if you have a credit card that has rewards programs, like Mastercard, you can get additional cash back through them. Not always as good as Ebates, though.



      Correct. that is also a good way! I believe Discover has some good cash back as well. I have a Bank of America CC and they have a program called "Add It Up" which is their version of cash back. Good point Glen!



        Discover has 5% cashback on "fashion" this quarter. I checked the website and it really is every store you could think of except maybe a newcomer like Bonobos.



          you're right. Sometimes I wish I had a Discover card!