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Invicta Watches for $39

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    Invicta Watches for $39

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    Which one do you think I should get?

    List Price: $395.00

    Last edited by fatpat; November 23, 2012, 06:06 PM.


      Dude, for $39 get both. Give one for a Xmas present if you don't want both.


        Hmm... neither? I was going to say something snarky about Invicta before I clicked the links (let's just say, it doesn't have the best reputation among watch enthusiasts).

        But honestly, not crazy about that style or the 45mm case diameter. Those things are going to wear HUGE. You can probably do better with Casio or Seiko without paying too much more. Plus you'd likely be getting something in a more reasonable size and from a more reputable maker.

        If you're sure you want one, I'd probably go with the black. It will wear a little smaller than a silver dial in the same size.


          I used to sell/repair watches, so this is one of the few areas of style I have a little insight with. As already noted, Invicta does have a reputation of being the 'Nascar Commemorative Plate' of watches. They paint with too wide a brush, trying to be classy and offering the 'Flavor Flav' style and size at the same time, and that's excluding the cheapness of the actual movement. That said, it's all about what you can get away with - and $39 dollars is cheap. They can look decent on your wrist, and if it's a room full of people ignorant of watches it won't matter one bit.

          I prefer the black dial watch, though if you want something that can carry you through regardless of the crowd I'd hunt for a discounted mid-line Seiko. Tried and true.