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Deals Around the Net: Open Thread

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    Deals Around the Net: Open Thread

    Far as I can tell, Dappered is the best in class for pointing to deals on nice men's clothing. But not every deal around is posted, and understandably so. Not all deals are front page worthy. But I've discovered I've missed lots of the Bonobos $X for $2X deals, and probably many other sorts of deals. Post the so-so or niche deals here as well as the great ones.

    This includes any deals or sales you see around the net on nice clothes. Or when you see a big batch of clothing that moved from full price to sale, eg as the inventory is turned over. Or something nice on a site like Overstock. Don't worry too much if it's a great sale.

    Also, if you have any good sources for finding deals, post them here. I know Slickdeals and FatWallet, but most of the clothing posted is low end, and the higher end deals are often left out.

    Some crumbs I managed to dig up:

    Saks Fifth Avenue in-store coupon, 30-50% off:

    Dillard's additional 40% off: earanceNCH

    And a beautiful 9.5D white buck Chukka with red brick sole, courtesy of Mr. McNairy:

    And of course, the 50% off Bonobos sale. See


    I'd be down to have this thread sticky, and be the all-encompassing deals thread, so we don't have new threads for every one



      Totally down.



        Valet Magazine has a collection of sales / deals here:

        You can also sign up to get email alerts for brands / stores you want to know about



          Nice link Jason.

          Actually I'm not quite sold on one thread for all deals. We already have a deals forum that people can browse / ignore as they want. One thread could get complicated as people will discuss what they bought in between posts of sales. I think it may easier to skip over a Bonobos sale or Express sale thread if you know you're not interested, than to read the latest few pages of conversation and find the one thing you're looking for. I think it works in Albert's eBay shoe thread because it's pretty specific. Of course people are free to do both, just my POV.

          My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



            we have a deals forum?



              Yeah, if you go to the main page ( and scroll to the bottom there is a a list of forums. So far, Clothing, Accessories, Deals, and Other. When you create a new post, you need to start in one of those forums.

              It's hard to see with all the recent posts on top. Maybe we can move that list to the top of the main page? Right now the forum is still relatively small so skimming recent posts isn't hard if you visit once every couple days. I could see recent posts being less useful once you start listing them in hours or minutes.

              My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



                I like a single thread more, because it's easier to navigate and track. Opening new threads is kind of messy, plus people might think something doesn't deserve its own thread, and then they don't post it. I wouldn't have started threads for any of my links (not that they're great, but maybe someone will benefit from them).

                I think of it as a bulletin board, or a Twitter account with several authors, not a discussion thread.

                Jason, nice link.



                  A single thread doesn't really make sense because these deals will expire and then we'll be clicking through pages of dead deals to see them. Not to mention sifting through deals for stores I'm not interested in. Individual threads on the deal board that lets done deal die is the best way, IMO.



                    This confused me as well. There is a Deals category where you can discuss deals individually and post all of the ones that may not make it on the Dappered page.

                    And generally, the deals posted are never lingering or buried so that they will be missed and expired. The deals in the Threads don't really have a way to sink so fast that they will be missed. Just click deals and the most relevant will be at the top since there is little discussion on expired deals that would make new deals missable.

                    I am not against this, I am just not understanding how one thread where a bunch of deals will be mixing together along with people discussing the products only relevant to specific deals is better than each deal getting a thread in which people can tell all the favorite products and ideas they want without thinking they have flooded this deal thread so it is hard to see the deals amongst the comments.

                    I prefer seeing a list of deals and when I click, there are all of the great things people have found in that sale. A mixed thread could be a mess because it doesn't have that organization.



                      I agree, now that I know we have a deals forum, it's easy to just click on that and see the list of threads



                        Not sure it's worth it's own thread, but there's some cool bags and accessories from Ben Sherman over at Gilt:


                        If I wasn't over budget and waiting for the Bonobos sale I'd pick up some cufflinks and a belt



                          Century 21 has some more menswear deals:

                          Italian made ties for actually pretty reasonable prices:


                          If you're in the market for a really nicely made suit, there's deals on Corneliani ($700) and Hickey Freeman ($450) suits which are good deals for the quality. Also some blazers, sportcoats, and pants.

                          Finally there's a sale on Clarks / Bostonian with some pretty good prices ($55-80):


                          If you haven't signed up for c21 before, you can use my link to do it:




                            Also, I don't know if you guys saw on the link above, but Brooks Brothers has some stuff on clearance. They have some of their dress shirts on sale for $40. I'd be all over it if I hadn't blown my budget on Bonobos and BR



                              Thanks for the tip. Pretty good selection on the BB sale.

                              Lands' End has a 30% off one item deal going.