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    I prefer BB Extra Slim, but there are no extra slim non-irons. The fit on the BB extra slim is great, perhaps a tad tight in the chest and loose in the waist. Can I get the slims tailored to fit about as well as the extra slims?



      @Jason, and they're having free shipping until midnight tonight (EST)!!

      @CharlesMartel, You can definitely get the slims tailored, but what do you like about the non-irons? I think they feel like crap on my skin. I always get the classic cotton.



        They're hell in hot weather, but they look great, and dry cleaning takes too much time and money. I don't even put the non-irons in the dryer, to make them last longer.

        Do the non non-iron's look decent if air dried?



          You don't have to take your shirts to the dry cleaner. I machine wash all my cotton dress shirts. Just wash on delicate according to the instruction and then hang dry. Ironing each shirt takes about 5 minutes. No problems.

          If i get a stain I use a pretreat or soak it in an oxyclean bath for a couple hours.



            LEC is having a 40% off Fall, and the prices look very reasonable...

            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



              re the new LEC sale ... use promo code MJ11 PIN 4423 to get free shipping and $10 off orders over $50.

              I wanted a pair of shoes that were now $45 (down from $78!). I added a $6 pocket square to bring the total to $51, then added the above promo code, and bought the final price down to $41. Sweet!



                Man, I might've broken my budget for the month if they had the season's chinos on sale...even though I don't need any more pants.






                    @MagM - I've already broken my budget for October. Damn.



                      @osiuso same here... Oh well



                        $40 for $80 off Flud watches:

                        Watches range from $50-90, very fresh looking:

                        I sport a fake Patek Calatrava, but these look enticing.



                          Limited selection of Happy Socks, $5 pair (vs $10), via $20 for $40 deal:





                            The Gap are having a pretty decent sale, online and in stores. A lot of stuff is 50% off. I picked up a knit shirt and a pair of black jeans



                              I don't know how much play Levis gets around here with LEC jeans going for 15 bucks a pop but there running a sale for 25% any two pairs of 501's or 505's...




                                Perry Ellis has a sale on all sales items: 50% off.

                                Use link to get 50% off


                                (or use promo code: PESALE50 )

                                Use PEWELCOME to get a further 25% off (the codes are stackable).

                                Total of 62.5% off sale items.

                                Shipping free over $50.

                                Glen Plaid tie for 14.99; 50% off = $7.49, Extra 25% off = $5.62. Caution: Regular width, though could work under a sweater)