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    I prefer BB Extra Slim, but there are no extra slim non-irons. The fit on the BB extra slim is great, perhaps a tad tight in the chest and loose in the waist. Can I get the slims tailored to fit about as well as the extra slims?


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      @Jason, and they're having free shipping until midnight tonight (EST)!!

      @CharlesMartel, You can definitely get the slims tailored, but what do you like about the non-irons? I think they feel like crap on my skin. I always get the classic cotton.


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        They're hell in hot weather, but they look great, and dry cleaning takes too much time and money. I don't even put the non-irons in the dryer, to make them last longer.

        Do the non non-iron's look decent if air dried?


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          You don't have to take your shirts to the dry cleaner. I machine wash all my cotton dress shirts. Just wash on delicate according to the instruction and then hang dry. Ironing each shirt takes about 5 minutes. No problems.

          If i get a stain I use a pretreat or soak it in an oxyclean bath for a couple hours.


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            LEC is having a 40% off Fall, and the prices look very reasonable...

            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


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              re the new LEC sale ... use promo code MJ11 PIN 4423 to get free shipping and $10 off orders over $50.

              I wanted a pair of shoes that were now $45 (down from $78!). I added a $6 pocket square to bring the total to $51, then added the above promo code, and bought the final price down to $41. Sweet!


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                Man, I might've broken my budget for the month if they had the season's chinos on sale...even though I don't need any more pants.


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                    @MagM - I've already broken my budget for October. Damn.


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                      @osiuso same here... Oh well


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                        $40 for $80 off Flud watches:

                        Watches range from $50-90, very fresh looking:

                        I sport a fake Patek Calatrava, but these look enticing.


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                          Limited selection of Happy Socks, $5 pair (vs $10), via $20 for $40 deal:




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                            The Gap are having a pretty decent sale, online and in stores. A lot of stuff is 50% off. I picked up a knit shirt and a pair of black jeans


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                              I don't know how much play Levis gets around here with LEC jeans going for 15 bucks a pop but there running a sale for 25% any two pairs of 501's or 505's...



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                                Perry Ellis has a sale on all sales items: 50% off.

                                Use link to get 50% off


                                (or use promo code: PESALE50 )

                                Use PEWELCOME to get a further 25% off (the codes are stackable).

                                Total of 62.5% off sale items.

                                Shipping free over $50.

                                Glen Plaid tie for 14.99; 50% off = $7.49, Extra 25% off = $5.62. Caution: Regular width, though could work under a sweater)