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    @tdig Beware, the peak lapels are wider than the notch (3.5" vs. 3"). If you don't care so much about lapel width, go for it, but that scared me off of going peak. 3" is about a perfect width to me.


      The photo I posted is their Essential Gray. My pants were at the cleaners at the time of the photo... Super versatile color. You can wear it with a lot of pant colors as a sport coat because it's a pretty light shade of gray.

      tdig - If you have another gray suit, feel free to branch out. But if this would be your only gray suit, I would stay plain vanilla. The experimentation really comes in with shirts, ties, pocket squares, etc.

      If I were to do over, these would be my customizationsL

      -Notch (regular, not slim)*

      -Two vents*

      -Two buttons*

      -Any color lining (I chose brown)

      -No pleats*

      -Pick stitching (black thread along the lapel edge)*

      -No slanted pockets*

      -Waist/ticket pocket*

      -Keep the flaps on the pockets*

      -Pen pocket*

      -Functional boutonniere (why not)

      -No functional cuffs (as I explained, not until you know Indochino will do exactly correct sleeve length)

      -Contrasting button holes (If everything else is pretty plain, why not. If you've got some wild stuff going on already with a multi-colored pinstripe, for instance, it could come across as peacock-ish.)

      -Suspender buttons (makes for a confusing first time you button the pants, but yes)*

      -Belt loops (I did, but in the future, I won't. I'll do the side adjusters instead)

      -No pant cuffs*

      * - This is what I did for my Essential Gray, pictured above.


        Has anyone owned a pair of Oliberte shoes? I am looking at a pair of these boots for $79.

        They have a rustic look I kind of like. The company is pretty interesting. Based in Canada while everything is made over in Africa. I really like a bunch of their shoes:

        The deal for $79 pairs is currently on Hautelook for those who have an account.


          i picked up a pair of olibertes on fro really cheap. While yes, they are cool looking, they definitely have a few years till they start making shoes right. They're super heavy and feel kinda cheap. I would opt away from them if i were you. Especially if you're paying full price...


            Yeah, I'm wondering about quality and comfort. But damn, if those don't look great.


              Ahhh I pulled the trigger earlier. I read some reviews that said the quality has improved over the last few years since they had problems with the soles of the shoes prior. I only paid $79 for the Chukkas and my friend got a pair too which means I got $10 Hautelook credit, so not too terrible. I'll most likely make a thread and review them once I get them in a few weeks. Cheers


                By the way, I was in Gap today and noticed they were blowing out a lot of their denim, especially their skinny jeans stock. From what experience I've had with them in the past, some are properly skinny, i.e. skin-tight and elastic, and others are just slimmer than their other fits. If any of you thin guys who go for the Alpha khaki fit (slim, but not teenage garage band skinny) need a pair of pretty solid, fairly thick dark denim (might be selvedge? Seems to be some confusion here, but they have the cuff, at least), I think they've gone from like $90 to $30 minus whatever other discount Gap is running, which would probably make them about $20. My original fit pair is more or less my go-to dark denim! They've got that so-dark-they're-barely-blue thing going on.


                  Check your inbox, fellas! There's a Banana Republic 40% off coupon available for today (Wednesday) only.


                    Care to share the code?


                      unfortunately it's a unique code for each person


                        Any recommendations for BR 40% code?


                          just a heads up, BR is doing 40% every wednesday until aug 1.

                          - i've got an actual coupon w/ 4 coupons on it @ a retail location


                            The code "GAPHAPPY" gets you 30% of items already on sale and 25% off everything else at the GAP. Sale ends tomorrow


                              For the 40% off BR code, am I missing something about the exclusions? I don't see anything about excluding shoes/bags (like most BR codes do) but it's not working on either for me


                                Nick those codes always have the usual exclusions (shoes, emerson and gavin chinos, suits, etc)