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Club Monaco $50 for $100

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    Club Monaco $50 for $100

    Refinery29 is having a $50 for $100 deal for Club Monaco. Not sure if the prices are marked up, but there's no harm in checking things out!

    I wonder if you can combine this with the Club Monaco 20% student discount.

    I've really been lusting after these pants:


      I was able to stack both the voucher and 20% discount by placing my order online and then calling in and having them apply the 20%. I would call in and verify with a customer service rep before doing it however, so you don't get screwed. YMMV. Good luck!

      Originally posted by Jazzocaster View Post
      I wonder if you can combine this with the Club Monaco 20% student discount.

      I've really been lusting after these pants:


        With the student discount and current free shipping, this sounds like a great way to get 2 merino v-necks, which are currently on sale, to my door for around $60 as opposed to >$180. I'll give customer service a call tomorrow and see if they are indeed willing to stack the 20%. Thanks for the heads up.


          Question: Does this apply to the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots they have? Because that'd be nuts. My size isn't in stock (only 10 and 11 available in brown and I've heard you need to size down at least 1/2).

          If you're a 10.5 or 11.5 in your dress shoes, I'd try to pull this off because you're never going to get 1000 mile boots for this price otherwise.


            Copy/Paste of fine print:

            The Fine Print

            *To redeem in full, voucher must be redeemed by February 28, 2013. After February 28, 2013, amount paid for voucher redeemable as online store credit.
            Voucher redeemable only for online purchases at
            Voucher not valid for purchase of gift cards.
            Club Monaco will issue an exchange for items purchased with a voucher within 30 days of receipt of order. 

            Vouchers are non-refundable and must be redeemed in full during a single transaction, unless otherwise required by law. No credits will be issued for partial use. 

            Tax not included. Voucher may not be applied towards tax or shipping costs. 

            Customers may purchase up to 2 vouchers. Only one voucher per transaction and cannot be combined with any other offer.
            Offer only valid in the USA.

            It doesn't mention any exclusions there, but I don't have any verification that it would indeed work on the Wolverines.


              Put This On has a post up today with the title "In regards to Club Monaco, just wait for this weekend. That's all I can say. ". It has since been taken down, though I can still see it in my RSS reader. Make of that what you will.


                I saw that too, I assumed it's just a reference to some sort of BF sale...I'm thinking of grabbing the max of 2 vouchers, seems like there's plenty of time to find a good deal.


                  Little update for everyone.

                  It appears Club M is doing 30% off sale items as their Black Friday promotion. Prices are reflected when you add the item to your cart.

                  The R29 deal DOES NOT stack on top of this, or at least not in any way I could figure out. I picked up a $100 for $50 voucher, added two sweaters to my cart that were marked at $59. The 30% knocked them down to $41.30. When I applied my voucher code, they went back up to $56.30 each. Interestingly, that is still lower than the $59 they were marked at, so I'm not really sure what the deal is.

                  I also asked customer service if I could apply my student discount and they said unfortunately not.

                  I went through and made the purchase anyway, considering I paid $63.18 total (incl. tax and current free shipping) for two sweaters to my door. Not quite as cheap as it could've been if all the stars aligned, but it sure beats $180 at full retail.


                    Did some reverse mathematics to understand my totals. Here's what happens:

                    Buy a $50 for $100 voucher // Add some goodies to your cart // Apply the voucher - $100 is deducted from your total // You will then get 30% off your NEW total (if they are sale items)

                    Itemized example:
                    2 Crew Neck Sweaters // On Sale for $59 ea. // $59 x 2 = $118
                    Apply Voucher // $118 - $100 = $18
                    30% Off Sale Items // $18 * 0.7 = $12.6
                    Including Voucher Purchase // $12.6 + $50 = $62.6

                    FYI you can stack the 20% student discount on top of the 30% in order to get a 44% discount.

                    Mathematically, the point at which you should use the 30% + 20% instead of the Voucher + 30% is once you plan to buy over $143 of sale merchandise.
                    (.7)(.8)(X) = [(X-100)(.7)] + 50

                    Hope that helps!