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Neoclassic Ties - Who finds it interesting?

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    Neoclassic Ties - Who finds it interesting?

    Hi Gents,

    I'm creating men's ties that are a bit far from being classical. The mission for them is to help avoid boredom of the dress-code for those who are working in the company that allows for suits and shirts only. You are staying within your dress-code, though have something special in the way you look like.

    The ties are based on the classical form, but each has a special element differentiating it from the usual mass-market - you can find some examples below.

    I think where do I find those who could be interested in them from the marketing/selling perspective? Shall it be an Instagram account with a targeting on a special audience? Or a website with a shop? Or there are special communities where people may be more interested in that?

    Would appreciate your thoughts and ideas.
    Please find below the picture with several examples (this is not a marketing material, so it's not so swanky and shining).

    RE Ties Capsula.jpg
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