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Official Black Friday Thread (clothing, electronics, and everything else)

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    Official Black Friday Thread (clothing, electronics, and everything else)

    Figured since it's that time of year, we could consolidate a lot of the upcoming sales or the "wants" here in this thread, as well as share any Black Friday stories or banter.

    I've been doing Black Friday shopping since I was 13, tagging along with my mom to brave the cold, early hours of the morning. I'm in Rhode Island, so hitting up most of the major chains in one fell swoop was readily accessible, if not hectic. As I got older I began to venture out on my own (such as senior year of high school, where I procured Furby's that I sold at a markup) and then eventually to add to my ever growing movie collection.

    If anyone checks for ads early, is pretty much my main resource, though there are others. Today the Best Buy and Sears ads were just posted. My list of wants for Black Friday thus far are:

    $200 Lauren 3 piece suit at Macy's, ideally in navy since I already have a gray 3 piece suit

    $7.99 Dead Island Game of the Year Edition for the XBox 360

    I'll also peruse the actual ads when they come out on Thanksgiving. Now that I'm older and wiser, it's more about the clothing and houseware sales (I'm moving in with my girlfriend once my lease is up this spring, so we're on the lookout for anything to fill voids around the house). Still, there are some tempting splurges, like $400 for the Toshiba LED TV.

    How about you guys? Ever do the Black Friday insanity? Any plans for this year?


    Here you go:

    Even though that one is strictly clothes.



      Wow, I did the search and this didn't come up. I know I had replied to something you posted, Alan, but I thought it might have been in the Deals Around The Net thread. My face is red (so at least it matches my shirt now).



        Used to do it for fun back in HS and early college years, coordinating with friends at different stores to get blockbusters items. I retired from that game in 08. You can do better following deal sites all year long or BF online than standing in line at a store for hours.



          No biggie. It didn't come up in my searches, either. I had to go back and pull it up. Go figure.



            That's the thing. I do a lot of online shopping in general, but especially Black Friday. However, it became tradition to go out and at least obtain something of value (to me). Last year I inducted my younger cousin (15) into the fold.

            It became a group/friend outing as I got older. We had friends that worked at Circuit City that made sure they hooked us up if we really needed something (it's how I got a laptop back in 2006). Since I no longer really buy DVD's and sporadically play video games, that stuff is a wash to me. We also had a tradition for a few years of going to the dollar store (there was one in one of the malls we'd hit) and see what cool stuff we could get with a $5 limit.

            The thing that sucks about this year? I have to be in work at 11:30am. I'm sure I'll get to go home early, but still, ugh.



              Dead Island is now on my list.

              I never use the official Threads search anymore. I always just Google 'dappered threads *insert search words here*' and it works.