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    I purchased:

    Total: $149.69 ($37 each).

    Had I been more diligent about following the LivingSocial sales I would have paid half of that.



      11th hour question about shirts: What kind of fit are they? I'm guessing I'll have to get them tailored? I'm talking about the regular fit ones, not the few tailored ones.



        @bruschetta good picks... Let me know how you like the Ron Wilsons Navy. I was looking at those too.



          Whew! What a roller coaster it's been with Bonobos these last few months. Finally we're done.

          I returned three pairs of pants 12 days ago to them. A week went by and I didn't hear anything. Finally I emailed them and asked what was going on. They responded and assured me that I would get my store credit.

          But still nothing. I emailed them again twice over the weekend. Nothing. Then once more today. Just when I had given up all hope, I noticed $244 in store credit on my account at about 6 p.m. today. Here's what I came away with:

          For me I guess it was kinda like sorority recruitment: I didn't get my first choice, but I came away very satisfied. I was dying for the grey chinos, but they ran out of my size. The purple chinos and the brown cords will fill in nicely. Snagged a rare orange sweater. Loved the blue/red checkered shirt on the main page today, so even with tailoring that'll be worth it. And the sunglasses served as a filler for me. Not many sizes left in pants. Still unsure about the trim of the shirts. I've heard the blazers fit strangely. All the other sweaters I wanted were gone. So instead of buying $200 worth of underwear and socks, I took a risk on the KBLs. Hope it pays off. If not, I can turn them into another pair of pants down the road.

          After all this, I paid out of pocket about $143. That store credit was very clutch. Pretty good haul, I think.

          Now I'll leave you with this:

          I'll come back in a few weeks and let y'all know how they turned out. Thanks, Bonobos!



            Jason, I already have a pair of Ron Wilsons in the charcoal color. They're one of my favorite pairs of pants. The fit is slimmer than Banana Republic's tailored fit, but not as skinny as J Crew's super-skinny fit. They're conservative enough that I can wear them to work. I'd buy them in more colors if they were available.



              got some corduroy pants, and somehow managed to restrain myself from getting any ridiculous colors I know I'll never wear. I've never really worn cords so I hope they look good on me, should be awesome for winter

              really wanted to get a pair of grenson shoes, but unfortunately couldn't get my size. not that I need more shoes anyway.



                @bruschetta, that'll probably be the next thing I look at then... I was put off by the sharkskin because when I think of sharkskin I think of shiny power suits



                  I got the Checkered Red shirt ($98) that was featured in the Bonobos article and got their plain black slim polo ($40). With 50% off and the $70 store credit(purchased $35 on livingsocial) I ended up paying a total of around $41 for $140!!! Great stuff.



                    Ordered 3 pairs from Bonobos... Unfortunately one of them was sold out but the inventory system hadn't told the website yet, so only 2 came. They gave me a credit for the full price of the pants and I ordered a different pair last night with an added 20% off code (PERKS) so I ended up with another $30 credit left over... Probably save it for spring to get lighter weight pants.



                      I got three pair of pants all in the same size, one fits fine, one is tight, and one doesn't fit at all. The joys of buying clothes online



                        I just got my box. The no-iron dress shirts fit just how I'd like just where I want them to (for reference: 6'2", 210, suit 44) and don't blouse out at all. Very happy.

                        Also I got these things: 202_n.jpg

                        My mind's already racing with ideas about how I'll wear them.



                          Wondering what people got this time around.

                          I just received my my Bull Denim Hip Holsters and they are great, just like the Gunsmokes but rich dark brown.



                            funny how they're advertising a 13% coupon for today only when the whole internet knows about their 20% off coupon.



                              Yeah but they are one time use, so some people may have already used the 20% off ones.