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    Glad to see I'm not the only one enjoying that jacket. I actually bought the pants first then picked up the jacket during a recent sale. I think I paid something like $150 total for jacket and pants. i also had the pants slimmed just a bit.

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      @LukeDuke - if you get the last one, I will fight you... what are your measurements? I am always a 42R and I am wondering if I could do the 43... I am not in the market for a suit really, but for this kind of price, I might just force it!



        @Focuspants - Thanks for letting me know. Looks like a great jacket!

        @j.r. - Haha...yeah, nice deal, huh? I'm typically either a 42R or 42L (6'2 190 - 35 sleeve, 33 waist). I figured the 43 would work although it might need some taking in at the sides.



          Yet mine won't be here until monday. Sucks to be in the black hole of shipping of the U.S.A. apparently. Whenever I order something it always goes PAST me to California and then has to come back over the hill to Nevada.

          I ordered the 43 when I usually wear a 43-44, so I am a bit worried it might be too tight. I hope not, I've been looking forward to it. Interesting note about the no belt loops. I do think the pants would look awesome cuffed.



            I was tempted to order the 40R and return whichever one didn't fit, but they sold out of them and ended up solving my dilemna for me.



              @Luke - nice to know I have a size twin... except in this case where i loathe you. You have an inch on me and I have about 5 lbs on you, but I go 33 and 35 as well. You might be a new go-to source on fit.



                Maaaaaan, I came to this one way too late. The donegal jacket is really nice but it looks like everything is sold out, despite them showing three sizes available. I get so many emails from Lands End I've started to just ignore them. Lesson learned, I guess.



                  @kai - got to think the small will look big on you. I got the oilcloth jacket in Rust yesterday in the mail. I'm 6' 175lbs. The shoulders and chest are a little snug. The waist is a little loose. The sleeves and body are a little too short. Here are the measurements for small and medium:


                  Chest - 43.5"

                  Length (top to bottom) - 30.25"

                  Sleeves - 35"

                  Shoulders - 18"


                  Chest - 47.5"

                  Length (top t bottom) - 31"

                  Sleeves - 36"

                  Shoulders - 19"

                  I will try to try on a medium in store. I'm worried that it will be a lot bigger in the chest and waist to fit me in sleeve and jacket length. I don't know how easy it is to alter because of the quilted lining, but the price might be right to try.

                  It is really a quality jacket, though. Hopefully I can make it work.



                    I just got my oilcloth jacket in the mail today. I am 5'8" and 160 lbs and ordered a small. It fits me perfectly in the shoulder and arm length and the chest is pretty good as well. It is a bit loose in the midsection area. I'm guessing these are designed more for middle aged guys and aren't really going for a tailored look. I feel it is a bit long in the body but after looking at the model in their ad, it's just as long on him so maybe it's designed to be that way.






                        It fits! The donegal jacket in 41R works just fine. I wouldn't mind it being just a tad bit slimmer, but it's not enough to make it worth tailoring. Heck, even the sleeves are close enough to not make it worth tailoring. The pants are comfortable, and I don't feel like they're going to slip, even despite not having belt loops. However, the lining to the knee only goes across the front so the backs of my legs were getting a little itchy. I'll probably keep them, but may relegate their use to long underwear days. I'm going to get them hemmed with a cuff.



                          Thanks for the input mike and vicious. Sounds like the small will definitely be too big on me. I'm still tempted to get it and have a tailor take a look at it, considering LE's return policy.

                          mike, hope you find the right fit!



                            Update: As I was going to bed, it occured to me that I could have my tailor finish lining the pant legs across the back for relatively cheaply. Problem solved.



                              Glad it worked out for you too Alan. I wore mine while shopping at BR yesterday and 5 people working there complimented me on it and asked where I got it haha. I love it already.



                                Also just found these recently reduced. Slim silk knit ties for $13.97 shipped to your door with code FRIENDS 3010. I got the burnt orange, perfect for fall/winter layering!