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    Well Alan, potentially great news for you. I got my donegal SC today, and it fits like a glove. Just need the sleeves up a tad. Hopefully it works for you also! Dont mind what I am wearing with it. I also ordered this LE orange v-neck sweater for $13, and the rest is my lounging around the house shorts :P



      jacket looks great, makes me hate being a size 36 even more :P



        Can anyone advise on whether or not regular LE pants (e.g., the year 'rounders) are true-to-size? I'd have to get 30s taken in at the waist, but if they're actually 32" then it'll be too much.

        Edit: nevermind, answered my own question with their item dimensions. 30 = 31!



          @Lib - Chat online, call, or email their customer service. They have looked up whatever sizing I've asked for.



            Sweet! I always worry about what the shoulders will look like when I have to size up, but that looks pretty good to me! That would mark the purchase of 3 suits within the past month for a grand total of about $250. Not too shabby!

            Did you order the pants, too? How do they fit?



              Year-rounders run just a bit small seat and thighs. Thus, the waist fits well, but the seat is a little tight creating a bit of pocket flare. If you're slim you'll definitely want to get them tailored below the knee.



                Alan, I didnt order the pants because to be honest, I fully expected to have to return the jacket. Now that I am keeping it, I will likely purchase the pants. Only problem I think is that there are no belt loops. That is the one thing slowing me from ordering them right now.



                  I give LE kudos for good customer service. Ordered a bunch of stuff last weekend that hadn't yet arrived when I learned of this code. Emailed them and asked if they'd apply it to that order, or if I needed to just reenter it all with the 30% off and return the first order. They complied without hesitation.



                    @Focuspants: I never noticed that about the pants. Fascinating. I guess I can always have buttons installed and wear suspenders. I'll just need to get some suspenders. No biggie, TBH. As long as everything fits.



                      i picked these up for 35 dollars shipped

                      i sized down half a size and they fit great. i see no reason why these won't be an absolute bargain.



                        The tailored donegal pants are awesome, and they are easily my favorite pair of pants. I ordered them cuffed, but I had them slimmed and re-cuffed. Now they are just awesome.



                          So...the 40R just became available again. And seeing how the 41R fit focuspants, I decided to get the 40R. Didn't opt for the pants because of the lack of loops, though I admit they probably look killer with cuffs. If I really like the jacket, I'll get the pants as well. Glad I decided to keep monitoring the jacket!

                          Almost bought but then decided it wouldn't look too great on me. Their tailored linen shirts are 29.99 before discount right now, which is also dirt cheap.



                            @LosRockets Thanks for pointing out that LE jacket.

                            While I wasn't in the market for anything like it, after seeing the love that the LE sportsman oilcloth jacket has gotten in this thread (and on Broke and Bespoke's review with more flattering pictures) I'm sorely tempted to jump on the current $77 price (after 30% off FAMILY code, pre-tax). I am utterly unfamiliar with oilcloth, are there any complications/ added costs to tailoring a jacket made from this material? I would purchase the small, but at 5'9" 135ish I'm worried it'll still be too big for me.

                            Also, I've only recently started down the path of upgrading my wardrobe. Am I right in thinking that LE will run a big black friday sale? Would it be worth waiting around for such a sale, or will the price likely not dip below what I mentioned above? I'm leaning toward pulling the trigger on this jacket in the next day or two.



                              @Focuspants - Just for clarification, is that the tailored or traditional fit donegal jacket? I have a tailored fit Lands End SC in a 42 that fits fairly snug, but good enough were it didn't require any alterations. I see that the tailored version of the donegal SC is available in a 43 now and thinking this might work for me with layering underneath.



                                Luke, it is the tailored fit version. I am usually a 40 and this is a 41.