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    On that note, these are $24-35 right now before the discount: The navy v-neck sweater is $24. Cotton, but great for layering.

    and the Lambswool crewnecks are $49 before discount.

    LE/LEC...bad for my bank account. Just ordered two sweaters and the oilcloth jacket.



      I agree with Los on the fit thing.

      Generally speaking, I wont even order anything from the regular LE site UNLESS the reviews so it runs small. Otherwise I know it'll be too big for me.



        Well, it says this one runs small so hopefully Alan and the rest of the guys have some luck. I initially ordered the 41 but I'm a 39" chest and I've just got a bad feeling so I cancelled it. Hopefully those of you who sized up to order this can share your experiences with us!



          I'm usually a 36-38S, so even with the running small comments, 41 may be stretching it. Too bad, as it's a nice look. Looking forward to those who ventured forward with a purchase!



            Thanks for this code. With it, this jacket came to $85ish with tax and shipping. So, yeah -- pretty good deal.


            Broke and Bespoke reviewed it, with better pictures, recently:


            So, basically, a poor man's Barbour, which is cool with me.



              @jonATL: Nice!



                I ended up ordering that oiled jacket too. Looks much better in the pics in that review than it does in the LE site pics.



                  Yup, I got sucked into the vortex of the oiled jacket as well - just before bed when my thinking was hazy and willpower was nil.

                  I agree that it looks like a completely different jacket on the Broke and Bespoke website. I've been looking for a reasonably priced Harrington jacket in burgundy for the Fall/Spring and haven't found one I liked. Maybe this can fill that niche. I ordered in in rust in a Small which, at 6'0 175 lbs, I'm fairly certain I will have to return and upgrade to a Medium. But I know that reviews said this jacket ran big. If the arms and length fit, then a Small might be the only way to get a trim fit. This way, I also get to see the Rust in person to decide if I want that color or not.



                    Argh I want that donegal suit, but not available in my size...looks like the 30% off sweaters now requires a code so it can't be stacked with the general 30% off code. I was close to getting that green color block cardigan, but oh well. It's been a while since I've bought anything from LEC...



                      Yeah, this is my first LE/LEC purchase the "plum pant incident".



                        Opted for the small oiled jacket in saddle. Hoping the sleeves are long enough! Can't wait for my purchase to arrive. Also very happy I was able to get the 30% off sweaters to stack w/ the general 30% off code before they shut it down!



                          FWIW, I have NEVER had a problem with their sleeves being short. If anything, it's been the opposite.



                            I'm mostly concerned about the small being too short in the body. Sounds like it barely hits the waist from some of the comments. Of course, the one the LE is modeling is plenty long enough in both the sleeves and the body. I'll see how long it is when it comes in and size up as necessary.



                              If anybody gets the donegal blazer in 39 or 40 and it doesn't work out for them, let me know. I'd probably buy it from you before you return it. Thanks.



                                @riker10: As far as I'm aware, nobody did. That was more than one person's problem (including my own). We'll just have to see.