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    Target Finds

    Thought I would go over some cheap gems at Target so most everyone has a Target near by

    Mossimo short sleeve button ups. These look really great are really light and around 20 bucks.

    Merona woven belts. I can't believe they have these at Target these are a great a causal belt for the summer they have them in black and brown for around 20 bucks. They look great. Only negative they wear down pretty fast but they again that's the point isn't it?

    Mossimo T-shirts/Henleys/Polos. These all look really awesome come in tons of great summer colors and there only around 10 bucks.

    Merona canvas shoes!!! Saw these the other day there a great looking pare of low top tan canvas shoes. I'm going to pick them up, they look amazing. They might wear out quick but for 20 bucks?

    Converse jeans? I was iffy to pick these up but after leaves rip and tear so easy I though I give it a try a found a very plan dark pair of slim/straight jeans. I love them they hold up great I'm having a lot of fun wearing them in


    I think the best deal at target recently has been their 100% Merino wool v-neck sweaters. they are $30 full price, but they have some sizes and colors online for around $15. I have two and I wear them all the time.

    I also intend to pick up some of their colorful socks that everyone has been talking about.

    for the wet shavers out there, target is the cheapest place to get Col. conk's shave soap online that I have found.



      i bought the socks. they're pretty badass. also found a converse one star windbreaker jacket that i picked up for 26 bucks. it fits a little bit lose but it looks pretty good and has held up well to the michigan "spring"



        Those v-neck sweaters are legit. I have 5 of them. Three of them I got two Christmases ago and they're still holding up. The only thing is they pill really easily.



          I agree, you have to de-pill them every once in a while, I still love them though.



            bought some Converse One-Star canvas shoes on clearance for $9. yes, $9

            they were a poorly dyed grey color, but after a bath in some bleach and then vinegar, I have pristine white American sneakers



              Don't forget Target also has some decent looking Timex watches.



                The t-shirts are worthwhile, however anything else needs tailoring. The button down shirts are "box" shaped.

                I concur that the v-neck sweaters are also a great deal but yes, they do need regular shaving.



                  Guys, I would highly recommend Merona 100% cotton boxers. The material is great and the patterns even better. You cannot get better boxers for $5 bucks anywhere else. Do give 'em a try!



                    I bought a pair of the Merona canvas sneakers. Canvas is pretty thin and already shows excessive creasing after only a few wears. I know they're casual shoes, but I mean it looks pretty bad. Would not buy again.