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Ledbury - Shirts from Virginia with British style tailoring

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    Shane, was the shirt you returned a solid, stripe, or check? I'm still curious if they pattern match if it wasn't a solid.



      Fred, it was the red starks gingam I have their Urbana Box Check in blue and I'll check to see if they pattern match.



        Thanks Shane!




          Probably not the best example as its a box check and not like a straight striped shirt, but this is what I'm looking at this morning.



            Thanks for the pic Shane but I'm curious if they match the shoulder to the sleeve. It's a more expensive process since it must be done by hand rather than machine, and generally is a sign of a quality shirt.

            Click this link, then scroll down to Pattern Matching and look at the first pic:


            See how the stripes from the shoulder line up with the sleeve? That's what I was wondering about.

            Ledbury doesn't mention it on their website when they discuss their shirts:


            For a new company at that price point, I would sort of expect that they would pattern match though. This is the only pic I saw on their site where I could see the seam where the shoulder was attached and it looks like it's matched:


            I just wanted to get verification from one of their shirts "in the wild." Thanks!



              Nevermind. I just saw their thread over on SF and they had this to say:

              "We do pay attention to pattern matching and try to ensure each shirt successfully lines up at the placket, collar, shoulder/sleeves, back yoke, cuffs and gauntlets."

              Good to know!


                For one week, Ledbury is running a $50 credit referral link:

                I used this when they ran the same deal earlier in the year, if you wait until they put some styles on sale, you should be able to score one for around $50 total with the credit. I used this a couple weeks back on a Slim fit shirt, gotta say the quality is pretty good and really liked the fit.


                  Ledbury is running a facebook promotion giving a % off based on number of likes the page gets (every 1,000 likes = 1% off up to 50%). Link here:

                  Today, 26% off accessories
                  Tuesday X% off Short run shirting
                  Wednesay X% off Ties
                  Thursday Gift Cards
                  Friday X% off Core shirts.

                  Also, referral credit should stack on top of the discount, though it is back down to $25 credit:


                    FYI, received my first shirt today and definitely no pattern matching at the shoulder/sleeve. Additionally the pattern was too close at the placket. A bit disappointing since the retail is more expensive than the current Hilditch and Key sale, which does pattern match. Nice fabric and fit though, and I got it with some store credit for registering and 30% off so I think I'll just exchange it for a solid blue.


                      I tried using one of the referral codes early in this thread and it didn't work. Anyone else had an issue? In any case, I'm looking for a working code, posted here or sent as a private message. Thanks!


                        I couldn't get any of the referral links in this thread to work. Ended up finding a working one after a few minutes of Google. Anyway, here's a working referral link for $25 credit:

                        There's also a Gilt City deal right now: $75 for $150 to spend on shirts. It doesn't mix well with the $25 credit, though. The credit and voucher can be stacked, but only if the only items in your cart are shirts.


                          I do not like Ledbury. I bought their shirts because it is a USA company. The Royal Twill white was a fantastic shirt -- but when I went to return the other one I checked the tag "Made in Poland." Checked my royal twill shirt, also made in Poland. Returned both.

                          Another thing I dislike about Ledbury. You have to tailor down the sleeves in your shirt, $10. If you do not like the shirt and return it, it's $10 that you eat.

                          I got a deal for $100/shirt + $10 per tailored sleeve. For $220 I think I could have found MTM for better quality, or something made in America.

                          Would not suggest Ledbury. I'll stick with CT.


                            Anybody have a working referral credit?


                     Seems like they've put some restrictions on the credits though "When you refer a friend, they will receive $25 store credit after creating their first customer account. Store credit may only be applied to qualifying purchases of $115 or more. "

                              Also, Code: 48HRSALE will take 15% off sale items til May 16th at 2PM


                                I don't even have a referral credit to link, but just wanted to add that I went into the Ledbury shop today at lunch (I'm in Richmond) for the first time, and in person, damn, their shirts are muy sexy. I actually liked *every*single*thing* I saw in their shop. Pocket squares. Ties. Blazers. The shirt styling reminds me a bit of Tyrwhitt, but higher quality and more interesting fabrics. Unfortunately I did not buy today as every shirt I saw started at $135; I need to save up some beans before treating myself, but based on looking and touching the shirts I was very impressed.