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know this will kill the powerful vine

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    know this will kill the powerful vine

    .what, just as Li Yun also implied in the kick-off to get rid of opponents, and he does this is to try a However,Nfl jerseys wholesale, so far off the mark of shèmén in any case all else fails Senegal.

    It also can not blame them, because this is the the momentum shèmén the first time in the race lù face, did not seen this shèmén the crowd, Nike elite jerseys? naturally not know the secret. In comic football xi?o, in the the momentum shèmén just lù surface, do not know this will kill the powerful vine, is this the beginning of the need for high fly to a certain extent, before Jizhui down to the high-speed flutter the ball mén the shèmén as opponents a high failure, and now, this ball is also the same idea and the times rattan, which is not surprising.

    Very strong, this will kill the skills xìng proficiency is very difficult to raise, and proficiency is not up to a certain extent, the hit rate can be described as pitifully low Prior to Li Yun has been in this regard under the martial arts, so that full training about nine months to be considered is the momentum shèmén grasp almost, at least he is sure in this position in the circle, this kill shè ball mén.

    In everyone agrees that the ball is Li Yun put high shè gun, the Swedish team because they are the core of the mistakes and lost opportunities for the attack, the ball in the sky, but the sudden mutation.

    Fly to the highest point of the ball, suddenly began to fall, not one kind of the original speed, NFL jerseys cheap,went straight to Senegal the ball mén smashed down! Yes, in Silva's eyes, the ball is purely is to drop down - like a meteorite!

    And be the Senegal mén will react when the ball has come to his eyes, do the action apparently was too late, so Silva can only be re-watched the ball from his next , roared burst into large mén to.

    For a time, silence. This sudden turn of events, so that all perplexing, could not believe the things I see is a fact. Even the referee distracted in there, actually forget to indicate goals effectively.

    Stunned for a full one second after the referee has become the first people to react, he first determine the goal, then they blew the final whistle of the whole match - Senegal, Li Yun's The golden goal "sudden death" out.


    This time, the Swedish ball mí are aware of their home team is really goals, but also an Golden Globe! This outbreak of shaking cheers and celebrations begin.

    Amazing! Stephen even after the kickoff, ring in the ball shè into the ball mén beginning like shè high ball, suddenly began to decline after the rise to a certain height, and then hurry to Senegal ball mén and fall! beautiful! is so beautiful! Stephen once again to our surprise, he is simply the spokesman for the miracle of 3:2, Cheap authentic nfl jerseys? this really is the golden ball, but also valuable than gold. Sweden achieved the victory of the game, led by Stephen, back to life, with two goals that would otherwise have been a foot into the quarterfinals of the Senegal team, life and life to pull back so that we congratulate Sweden, Congratulations, Stephen, I hope that they can in the next game, farther and farther! "

    This goal for the Wong Tai Sin and crazy, never knew football so kick marching today can be said to open the eyes - the original, in the circle shèmén may not be nonsense, some people really have this ability !

    But this time, Li Yun can be described is to take a clever, if we did not knowledgeable momentum shèmén powerful, while the trace to prevent heart so far away, want to keep mén members are related to Silva the same, no response to watching the ball network, it is almost impossible. In fact, as long as Silva has maintained a high degree of attention, the ball, at least he could touch.

    But even if Silva can run into the ball, Nfl jerseys china? does not necessarily say, he can remember shèmén block out, do not forget, this momentum shèmén! The momentum shèmén of a special xìng What is it? A strong rotation. Do not you see, Shimadzu for the first time received a momentum shèmén hard to be this unreasonable tactics to into the net? Similarly, if Silva stopped to the ball, whether it is with the fist or palm, will be a result - the ball will still go to the.

    Much more useful when momentum shèmén the number, keep mén members are familiar with the this shèmén characteristics, Li Yun think the ball in the circle like this shè into, it is basically impossible. But it is what happened afterwards, at least for now, Li Yun success,Authentic nfl jerseys, and he once again completed the feat of this ultra long-range goals, and help their team won the final victory.

    "Whew ... finally a success!"

    And his teammates celebrate the completion of Li Yun long breath, and scored the golden goal from his substitute appearance to the end of the game, although only a short time more than 20 minutes, but gave him the pressure, but it is immeasurable the. So now, he can be relieved easily own completely began to feel the victory of the euphoria.

    Injury, finally white by! "

    I said before, Lee Woon-jae is a practice to kill the injuries, while he was training nirvana, is the momentum shèmén. That it happened the momentum shèmén, just falling just short of point to Li Yun requirements, so Li Yun kicked out of his overload that kick in the degree at the same time they want. also to make their feet hurt.

    But due to there, Li Yun exercises momentum shèmén injured, can not represent the team starter. Turn, but is the momentum shèmén, creating a Lee Woon-jae's Golden Globe, the Swedish team to eliminate Senegal, Li Yun can not help but to address him by God nòng.

    "Hey, I lost you."

    While Li Yun emotion, a pretty bit familiar voice rang behind him. To be Li Yun looked back, Elite nfl jerseys

    ? saw the black out of the ground can not find Diouf, was standing there looking at him with a complex expression.

    "Or can ji?o change jersey?"

    Diouf, the action is extremely rapid, Yuehua Jian took his jersey Pa handed down toward the Li Yun past.

    "No problem!"

    Li Yun feel good to win the ball, coupled with his feeling of this sunspot is not bad, very happy and the other ji?o change jersey. Diouf also a bachelor, to Li Yun congratulated after a round, turned and left.

    "...... The next time you think I ji?o for jersey,Elite nfl jerseys , do not know what month,