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Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale has started on

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    Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale has started on

    At this point the search and category pages do not show the sale prices, so you'll have to click through to each product page to see if it's on sale.

    Kind of a pain, but if you had your eye on something you'll be able to get in before the sizes start disappearing when everyone else starts shopping on Friday.





      Oh boy, there goes my money. I almost hope that everything I need is not on sale.



        I can't seem to find anything on sale?



          You can find these prices in the suits, dress shirts, and outerwear, but I didn't see any in the shoes.



            Did a random spot check and Ferragammo ties are generally down from $180 to $109.



              Thomas Pink ties down to $70 from $105, as well.



                I saw a couple pairs of AEs that were going for $200 — Cliftons maybe. Calibrate Slim Fit dress shirts were going for $40, but the selection was pretty weak



                  I'm having trouble seeing the sale items. For instance, when i search Thomas Pink ties they are still listed as $105, not $70 like @wasetzer suggested.



                    @guata1983 If you only view the items from the search results/category level, you won't see the discounts. You have to view the item's full page to see the sale prices.

                    Here's an example of a TP tie:



                      FYI, the search pages seem to be showing discounts now! Dunno about the category pages, though.



                        Thanks for the heads up. Works well with my wishlist!

                        Dress shirts seem to be discounted 33%.

                        Found this sizing information for their dress shirts based off of a 16" neck in case you're wondering which shirts are slimmer than others:



                          Some picks:

                          Nordstrom house brand plaid wool sportcoat:

                          Nordstrom house brand houndstooth silk and wool sportcoat:

                          Nordstrom house brand houndstooth wool sportcoat. It looks way too short. I would have to see it in person:

                          Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald navy blazer:


                          Calibrate wool plaid sportcoat. It's sold with small/medium/large sizing which is a warning sign in my book:



                            I was hoping they'd discount those 1901 tan leather long wings they just got in stock, but no such luck so far! Honestly though, $99 is a pretty good deal regardless.



                              Their 1901 shoes tend to get discounted 50% when they're on sale. The Anniversary sale is in July so they might go on sale then.

                              I own a pair of 1901 suede chukkas as well as have tried on a pair of their leather wingtip boots and a pair of dirty bucks. I wouldn't pay the $100 retail price for 1901 shoes.