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Allen Edmonds during Nordstrom Sale?

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    Tent sale SHOULD be first, and anniversary sale will also have first as well. I emailed the guy that sold me the 4 pairs of seconds I bought to see what they will have on sale in the coming months.



      Thanks Shadow.

      Now I have no clue of what to do... I was waiting for Nordi's sale to buy some PAs, then I heard the Players will be on sale too.. Now I don't know whether I should wait for their anniversary sale or to buy them this coming week.

      I wish I could make the tent sale, but 2,200 miles is a little far, the plane ticket would cost as much as a pair of Independence collection shoes... A drive costing double...

      This is becoming an obsission.



        Just call the store and order them, you don't need to go in person.

        You may want to figure out what last fits you though, I have players and I can't tie them tight or they kill my instep, the PA are on the same last as the strawfoots which seem to be better for narrower feet etc.

        You could buy, not wear and wait to see what July sale is like, but if you can get some first for $200 thats a good deal. MOst of the time they run $335.

        And just an FYI, my opinion is AE's are purely a good looking shoe with quality leather, not very comfy compared to other mainstream brands I've owned. I will never buy AEs at full price because of my experience with the now 3 pairs I own(Was 4).



          That sounds good, thanks again for the heads up shadow. Also, I can't agree with you more on knowing which last is for you, I have a pair of strands that fit perfect and I just picked up a pair of the Rough McNeil... Needless to say, they're two completely different fits.. The McNeil's(even with them stretched) the toe is a little too cramped to be my to anywhere shoe. I'm sure they'll break in a bit, but only time will tell..

          I'm going to shoot the Port location an email to see what they'll carry, and stop by the San Francisco shop to see which lasts I can get away with.

          Another question for anyone with knowledge; Have any of you seen the AE's go on sale during Brooks Brothers sales?

          Back with the original post, I'll be grabbing up a pair of Park Aves as long as they're in that $200 range.



            Looks like the sale prices are already active on the website -- you have to go to the actual product page to see them. I didn't look at all the models, but as mentioned by Steve above, the Clifton is indeed $199.

            I didn't see the Player's in walnut or black listed under AE, though.



              These are the four styles that are part of the Sale online:




                might grab the clifton, wish there were some single sole wingtips there.



                  My original post was from a guy who was referencing his specific store in New Jersey. I guess the online sale might differ from in store..?

                  Also I'm considering those Burgundy Cliftons. 30% off is the best Ive ever seen for 1st quality.



                    That's unfortunate. I just don't have much use for blucher/derbies right now, as I haven't really filled out my balmoral collection to that point yet.



                      Hey guys. I just ordered a pair of Vernons from the outlet. Do you think the Clifton would be a better option?