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40% off 5/14 ONLY 12pm-6pm (PT)

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    40% off 5/14 ONLY 12pm-6pm (PT)

    Just passing along an email I got from Levi's, 40% off from 12pm-6pm PT (3pm-9pm ET)5/14 only with code FLASH40


    On the heels of their 30% off sale, no less. Even then sizes were limited, and now it's even worse.

    I picked this up about 6 weeks ago in Raindrop - the 511 Skinny Trousers. 146858.11926204

    Not a GTH color, so it's a lot more versatile. $50 - 40% = $30. Not bad.

    I wish they had more Sta-Prest sizes available, but I was told to wait until July. My plan for the fall is to jump on the lined 505s when they come out in November since my size was gone by December.

    Related: Just noticed that in Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa's "Young and Wild and Free" song that they sing about 501 jeans. Even though they look like they're wearing 520 or worse...



      Man, I just bought a ton of stuff at 30% off. I wonder if there is a way to get a price adjustment?



        They only offered a return-repurchase for me. With free shipping and free in-store returns, that's what I did instead of using the return shipping slip for $7.



          Are 511s true to size at the waist? I wear 32 in 514s and wondering if I should order the same size, or go up one at the waist.



            After shipping and tax a pair of 513s come out to $42. I could get them at Dillards or Kohls for the same price.



              Grabbed two pairs of 501s for 70 shipped...cheaper than what I can get them for at Macys or Kohls.



                Juan - widely variable. This is me:

                501: 32x34 (I like it longer [TWSS] for a more casual look with the 501 denim, but the waist is right)

                514: 31x32 (denim)

                511: 31x34 (trousers) BUT the Sta-Prest in the 511 fit requires a 32x34 for me. Even at a 34 inseam, they are not long at all.

                I would honestly buy your size plus a size up and plan to return one. You get 60 days to return them, and if you use the return label, they deduct $7 from what they credit you. Free in-store returns.

                I could hardly move in the Sta-Prest 511 31x34, plus there's this huge bulge in the crotch:

                The 514 in 31x32 are perfect:

                The 511 trousers in Raindrop, 31x34:



                  @Juan: True to many of the user reviews on the Levi's website, the actual measurements might not be exactly what you ordered. It's hit or miss with this places (same for Gap pants in my own experience and those who review on their website).

                  For example, at the last 30% sale, I ordered a

                  505 Rigid: 29x30

                  505 Rigid: 30x30

                  505 Tumbled Rigid: 30x30

                  Those Rigid jean measurements were way off. One measured at 32" and the other at 31" at the waist. The inseam on one of them was a whopping 32"!



                    Thanks guys! I guess I'll order my 514 size and if they don't fit, I'll return them to the store.



                      If you want to qualify for free shipping, I think it's free after $100? Just order 3 or 4 514s and keep the one that fits best and return the others.



                        I don't have a store close so I decided to skip the extra 10% off of my previous order....

                        I wear a 30x30 in 514 and 31x30 in 513. I also recently bought some STF 501 in 30W and they seem to fit ok (before shrinking).

                        I agree with others that QC is somewhat lax and sizing can be all over the place...