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PSA: JCF with Mainline Sample Sale Items

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  • SaWuttae
    Checked out mine today, random stuff but good prices if you find something. Some of it had holes, one pair of pants had one leg hemmed the other unhemmed. Some just looked dusty like it was leftovers from years past.

    Kids stuff too! Saw a great pair of dress loafers in kids size, but even at 25 bucks, not worth the 5 or so wears he'd get out of it lol.

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  • wsupjs
    started a topic PSA: JCF with Mainline Sample Sale Items

    PSA: JCF with Mainline Sample Sale Items

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that my local JCF had a lot of items (15+ on Saturday afternoon) from J Crew mainline items on clearance.

    I do not know if these are leftovers from the warehouse sample sale or returned clearance items, but they had generic sample tags and the labels were marked through to prevent retail returns.

    Sizes were scattered, but good deals were available since they were also a part of the 50% off deal for all clearance items in the store. After the additional discount, shoes were $35-50, winter coats were $50-70, and other items ranged greatly (Ludlow seersucker tux pants for $20, shirts for $15-20, etc.). I got a 100% cashmere zip hoodie for $50.

    I don't know what your store will have available, but it might be worth checking out this week.