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Allen Edmonds 90th Anniversary Sale (4/16 - 4/30)

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    Allen Edmonds 90th Anniversary Sale (4/16 - 4/30)

    As noted in the title. Nothing really impressed me in the shoes sales, although the Madison belt is tempting at $69. What got my attention is a lot of the shoe care items are on sale. A horsehair dauber and a horsehair shine brush for $8 together, with free shipping and return. Booya.

    I also just found out that AE opened a store in my town in the 'burbs. I don't have to drive into downtown Chicago for sizing or browsing, plus cheaper tax rate. Double booya.


    Wait, cheaper tax rates? There's somewhere with a higher sales tax than Chicago?!



      I think he's saying that he doesn't have to go into Chicago proper, so he'll get a lower tax rate.

      As for higher than Chicago...



        "Which cities had the lowest rates? They were the only two that had no state or local sales taxes at all: Portland, Oregon, and Anchorage, Alaska, the study said."

        Not sure how they come by this. I'm from Montana where there are no state or local sales taxes. Only in a couple ski resort towns are there "resort" sales taxes. I always paid the price I saw on the pricetag when I was growing up in one of Montana's "cities."

        I'm currently in Boulder, CO where the state, county, and city sales tax rate combines to something like 9%. I had to drive to Wal-Mart once (just across the county border) and was shocked at how much lower the sales tax was, something like 4-5%.

        The one upside is that my neighborhood hasn't been annexed/incorporated into the city yet (everything on both sides of us has been), so when I order online I at least don't have to pay city tax on top of everything else.

        I'm a political progressive and in favor of sensible tax policy, but to me sales tax has always seemed like a tax on the poor and people who have to spend all or most of what they earn just to get by. </ rant>

        And now... back to your regularly scheduled post topic. :-)




          Oh cool, I didn't realize the shoe care stuff was on sale. Might pic up some creams or conditioners.



            definitely going to grab some stuff here. Recently bought my first pair of AEs used so I may as well try to take care of them. Sale was just in time.



              Nice deal on the cleaning supplies. Picked up 2 brushes, 2 daubers, 2 cloths, and some brown shoe cream.

              Anyone have suggestions on where to find an inexpensive box to keep all this stuff? (Didn't feel like paying $70 for kit from AE)



                I have a cardboard box that holds my valet and everything that doesn't fit. Oh, am I not helping? ;-)



                  LOL. I have a big plastic bin from target I use right now.



                    I keep it in a duct-taped shopping bag.



                      I was going to hop on the cleaning products, but theres $30 flat rate shipping to Canada on a sub $20 purchase. Aint happenin'!



                        Nice call on the AE supplies, as I was initially frustrated by the lack of choice on the shoes (I already have and love the walnut McAllisters).

                        As for a cheap way to contain your "stuff", I recommend these if you have an IKEA nearby:


                        Finally, Charles Tyrwhitt is having a sale. Go to

                        Shirts are 39.99 and you get a free tie with your purchase. To me, CT slim fit shirts are the best OTR shirts for the price if you're of average build. Skinny guys should look to the "tailored" fit.



                          Guys - I ordered a bunch of things, and I received my order in an Allen Edmonds shoe box (!!!!) inside of a normal brown cardboard box. Did you all receive your orders with the AE shoe box? If yes or no, what / how much did you order? I wanna put in another order, and want to make sure I get another shoe box (for my eBay'ed shoes).




                            mine have just shipped. A shoe box would be great.

                            May have to go back for a 2nd round of trees and some suede care stuff.

                            And, really, for some of these supplies, we're only talking a buck or two off, but I'm still really kinda happy.



                              I've already bought 4 CT shirts with ties using this past month.

                              I didn't order the pink gingham the last time. I suppose that's up next..