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Bill's Khaki's 50-70% off

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    Bill's Khaki's 50-70% off

    Bill's is having a really big sale. 70% off various deals, and 50% off site wide.

    They're all made in the US, and have a bit of a cult following I think. I tried on my first pair yesterday (full price at brick and mortar) and really liked them, and didn't feel too bad going back to the website because their coloring was limited in my size and fit.

    THANKYOU20 takes an additional 20% off.

    They were recently sold, and there are complaints on reddit and styleforum about not getting parts or all of an order. One guy has been making a huge fuss because he hasn't been able to return something, but otherwise it is just about incomplete orders. I bought stuff during the 80% off glitch on Cyber Monday and everything was shipped, and just had another order of Cramerton shipped (waiting to see if it is complete or not).

    Just be aware of the lack of customer service and complaints. I'd treat everything as final sale even if it doesn't say so during ordering.