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    BB Red Fleece Sale

    Part notice, part frustrated rant:

    Why are the two shirts I really want from the BB Red Fleece sale not actually on sale (the two pendleton plaids)!! I tried to put them in my cart last week, but kept getting told they were no longer available despite being able to add more and more to the cart. Its mainly frustrating that they were listed at $39 but then not available, and now suddenly are available but back up to $148.

    Anyway, apart from that frustration, there are a a number of pretty nice sport shirts on sale for $39 and free shipping if anyone is looking for some decent preppy wear.

    I had an odd online issue similar to this and went to a local store which, despite not having what I wanted in stock, was able to find two shirts left in stock in stores in different parts of the country. Shipping was an extra $8 but I ended but with two great shirts at 60% off the retail price. Could be that the main warehouse is out of stock but there are still a few floating around in the retail stores.