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    @JC, be careful at Nordstrom Rack, they tend to have too many things for myself every time I step foot in.



      Hmm, I find Nordstrom Rack to be one of those annoying stores full of things that /almost/ work, but don't. Shoes I like in a half size too big or too small, suits that don't fit quite right, styles I like in colors I hate, stuff that is just a little too expensive to really be a great deal, etc.




        I hardly ever find anything I like at the Rack, or if I do, it's just not worth the price. Maybe I've just been ruined by Dappered but I've only bought a couple of things from the Rack in maybe 20 visits in the previous year (both shoes, one I ended up dumping on eBay, the other I've yet to wear). Not a bad place for getting some basics at a reasonable price on shorter notice, but at least at the couple of stores near me, not a great place to find hidden gems. And yet I still go once or twice a month to look, just in case



          Yeah, nothing for shoes unfortunately. Surprisingly poor selection there and last call. I did see some nice $1600 Tom Ford Brogues at Neiman Marcus, and some gorgeous $2100 brogues at the Ermengildo Zegna store...



            So just as a follow up in case anyone was interested. I received the Blucher Mocs that I ordered, one each in Cactus and Saddle. Surprisingly, given the online pictures, it is Cactus that is actually the more interesting shoe.

            Both shoes have leather that is quite soft and immediately comfortable, but the Saddle looks very plasticky and almost orange. The Cactus, on the other hand, is constructed of a distressed pull up leather that looks absolutely nothing like the picture on the website. It's not top quality leather, but absolutely worth the $55 I paid for it.