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C'mon GAP, let us use the discount code on the khakis!!

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    C'mon GAP, let us use the discount code on the khakis!!

    Last few discounts GAP has run exclude the one item I want to buy from them; denim washed khakis! Especially since the current special is all about color and these are pretty colorful! 42

    Tried them on in-store the other day and they felt really nice. Perfect for spring time here in Los Angeles. The green's were a lot brighter than they're pictured online, but the grey and wine ones look great in person.

    Really hoping they open these up for discounts soon.


    Lemme get you a bucket for those tears...

    It seems pretty common to exclude these kinds of staples on sales. I keep watching the same thing happen at J. Crew and BR. Lemme know if the clouds break, and the sale sun shines on these pants!

    You might just need to bite the bullet if you really want them. Or go the outlet store route to see if they appear there.



      I'm my experience, the Banana Republic outlets carry their own stock, and receive relatively little (or no) stock from their full retail counterparts. They also don't seem to be made as well in many cases (but I guess that shouldn't be a shocker with the discount).



        Not much of an outlet store!

        An ON outlet store I visited this fall had everything that was in stores a few months earlier. The Levi outlet store was a gold mine - everything in every size, for $30 a pair. I wish I had bought a pair of 514s while I was there.

        The LEC outlet store doesn't carry any sport coats - at least not yet. I hope they start doing that, but for the most part, they just have stock from when they first opened the Canvas line.



          Alan's right. I know that BR has a different line for their Outlet store, and I haven't seen stuff from their full retail line there. You can tell by the tags on the clothes. The Gap Outlet, for example, inverts the writing and the background color on the tag...



            I'm looking to get a pair too, once they go down. There was one discount a few weeks ago (25%, IIRC) that you could use on them, but I'm holding off for the 30% or more sales.

            To hold you over, Old Navy in store has their colored chinos collection marked down to $20. Between a $5 off coupon I had and their 10% Tuesday (using your GAP/ON/BR card saves you an extra 10% every Tuesday) I got two pairs for $32. Bought the grey and the blue ones, and am debating on the green.