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Getting the best out of the Bonobos $30 for $60 deal

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    @bruschetta - i'm KINDA with you here. I stopped at 2, and didn't have a conscience about it because my gf bought one of them on her card as a "Vday present". That said, this is really's fault. They say one per customer, but they are not honoring it.

    I'm surprised Bonobos hasn't caught on to this yet and shut down the sale. Their markup is so high, that they're probably still making money off of this. I really hope that once they do catch onto this it doesn't mean the end of their couponing experiement. That said, I'm not sure they could survive without it as I imagine a large portion of their business comes throug people shopping there at a discount (as does all retail, but especially a company still establishing themselves).

    I'm considering buying more now because I told several of my friends about this sale and have racked up $100 in points. I can't imagine what I would ever use those on besides this deal.



      Not to be preachy but i agree with Bruschetta that it is fraud to pretend to be different users, with different cards/emails. Thats a scam.

      Already getting unlimited 50% off (more when you factor in Bonobos codes that are always around)



        I'm sorry, but I refuse to feel sympathy for internet retailers. Nobody, as far as I can tell has totally abused the system by getting a windfall. If they wanted to stop it they could easily.



          Looks like pulled down the sale, which wasn't set to expire for another 4 days or so. Not sure if it's permanent or not. They could just be figuring out a way to prevent people from obtaining more than one voucher. I'm guessing it's done though.



            Is the Fab offer no longer available?



              it looks like it's down. I no longer can see it.