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Getting the best out of the Bonobos $30 for $60 deal

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    Perhaps I did the whole process too fast, but I only got 1 credit for my referrals. Waiting on customer service to respond to my e-mail as to why that is.



      @ABL, Facebook40 is capped at a $75 discount therefore, the most you can purchase and get 40% off is $187.50. Also, this code is only for new customers, so you can only use it once under your Bonobos account.



        How does this gibe with the "limit one coupon per customer" statement on Fab's website? Do they just not enforce it?



          Order number 2 redeemed. This is great, thanks Shiva!

          I plan on buying 4.



            Also for any new shoppers you can take advantage of a $50 credit (we both get $50) for referral. Email me at Jcandelario @ gmail dot com and I'll give you the info to send the ninjas over at bonobos.



              @cjl, you can only purchase one at a time. However, you can make multiple purchases of one.



                Do you have to use separate emails for every purchase?



                  No. Just buy them one after the other.

                  They email confirmation of purchase immediately, then the redemption code 2 hours later.

                  You login to bonobos and redeem it, and it just accumulates as credit.



                    I completed the deal, but have not yet received my $25 Fab credit (step five above). Any idea how long it takes for that to be delivered?



                      I just bought one. Still don't have the conformation or the code.



                        Ok. So the transaction didn't ever actually go through. Now it's saying they are unable to process the transaction. Won't take any of my cards.



                          @jose: are you in the USA? Fab will cancel the order if you aren't using a United States address

                          EDIT: also it appears that Fab is being slow on the confirmation emails. Just tried it again and it took 10 minutes to get my confirmation.



                            I used the Fab deal to get some new shirts. I didn't see this deal before I bought my Fab deal.

                            That being said I never received the gift cert via email. I had to log in to Fab to get the code from my orders.



                              Nevermind. It went through. I'm an idiot.



                                4/4. Trying to determine when enough is enough.

                                Stating the obvious, but man this effectively makes all bonobos half price.

                                More, since you can stack with ubiquitous 20% off codes.