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Getting the best out of the Bonobos $30 for $60 deal

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    Getting the best out of the Bonobos $30 for $60 deal

    A Groupon-like site called Fab is selling $60 Bobobos gift certificates for $30. They are store credit, and can be stacked! Fab nor Bonobos care if you buy more than one, so let's take advantage of that!

    Step 1: Sign up for and buy one Bonobos store credit voucher.


    Step 2: Copy your invite link on this page:

    Step 3: Logout, then clear cookies/cache

    Step 4: Sign up using your own referral link with another email, then purchase another voucher.

    Step 5: You should have $25 in your first account. Go ahead and buy a third voucher.

    $180 Bonobos credit for $65. Not too bad

    You can also use the code #Yourewelcome to take 20% off your order when you buy something at Bonobos.


    Did anybody else try this? I'm might try it if it works.



      I did it. Seems to work fine. Waiting on my last 2 vouchers to "ship", but I'm not anticipating any problems. Didn't clear cache either.



        I did this three times and picked up about $500 worth of stuff for $120. They ship the vouchers after two hours automatically via email, but I never had a problem.



          Kenneth, let me know if all 3 vouchers ship. I will do it, if you vouch for it.

          Shiva 0347 thanks for the offer info; just want someone with a longer Dappered track record to tell me the offer works.

          Seems too good to be true...



            I understand the skepticism, Weng. I'm a long time Dappered reader, but I just recently discovered these forums, haha.

            Anyway, here's a little proof:



            First image is the first voucher I received. The second image shows all of the referral credits that I got from my self-referred accounts.



              @Weng - yep! Shiva is right. Worked fine for me, I ended up getting 3 pairs of washed chinos(a $264 dollar sum) for $74 with the 3 codes and the Facebook40 code for 40% off. Considering keeping this going to get something really pricey.. Thanks a ton Shiva for bringing that to our attention!



                Thanks. Dont want anything now...just the tryptopants turkey pants for thanksgiving. So figure no bonobos purchase till the credits expire?



                  @Weng: if you apply the credits to a Bonobos account, then they never expire, since they are treated exactly like store credit. The vouchers themselves will expire after 6 months if they aren't used or put in an account.



                    what does it mean when takes your credit card info, displays an error to try another card, and has a visible hold for $1 on your credit card statement?




                      @frost: That sounds really weird. Give their customer service a shout-out - I've been on fab for a couple months now and found that they have excellent customer service.



                        Ok I think I'm gonna try this when I have more time this week. Will post my results.



                          Does the facebook40 code have a dollar limit?

                          I have a few items in my cart totaling $305, but with the code, all I get is $75.00 off my total.

                          All items are regular priced items, not sale items.




                            Putting a hold of $1 is normal. It's what happens when they verify the card number. It should clear in a day or two.



                              Fab order number one worked. They emailed code within 2 hours and i redeemed for credit at bonobos.

                              Order number 2 pending.

                              The offer expires in 4 days i think.