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    Jessy, what is intention for these shoes? If they're going to be your one and only dress shoe and you're only planning on wearing them with your dark suits, I think you're better off getting black Park Aves or Fifth Aves (basically the same shoe as the Park Ave but with brogueing on the cap).

    Not sure where the idea that black shoes don't go with navy came from, but it's a classic combination and looks fine. Black isn't as interesting as brown, but it affords you more flexibility to wear them in more occasions, both day and night.

    If they're going to be your first -- but not only -- and you also want the ability to dress them down, you definitely don't want the Park Aves. And you should consider starting with a dark brown. Regarding interviews, unless you work in a conservative industry like finance or law, don't feel like you have to have a captoe bal; even in those industry people really won't care as long as you're not walking in with Walnut Strands.



      a) If you're in law or finance, definitely go with black

      b) Black can definitely go with navy or grey just fine,


      c) Black is definitely not more versatile than brown.. brown can do anything but black, but black would look odd with jeans, lighter blue, brown, etc



        @Chareth&Jason : I was initially looking at black Park Avenues, but I didn't like the seconds @nicholascrawford found me and the deal on Amazon is only for the dark brown. I'm a 6.5D, so choice is limited.

        I'm a software developper, so not in a conservative industry at all. It might change in a few years, but the suits are only for special occasions or when meeting clients, a few times a year at most.

        Even Walnut Strands would be considered dressy in my field. Might be my second or third pair.



          JC, a few points:

          1) I don't think I was being clear earlier. When I said black is more flexible, I meant only in the context of formal wear. It is more versatile than brown for formal wear. But I agree that brown is the choice if he wants to dress them down.

          2) For law or finance, black is not necessary outside of interviews and executive meetings and/or court appearances. And even in those contexts, most people would never notice if you're wearing dark brown. In every day situations, brown and dark brown is pretty common; lighter browns are less common but one still sees them often.



            I dunno, I work in the financial services industry (although I do software) and the financial advisors ALL wear black shoes. ALWAYS. I figured it must be a requirement.



              Not sure how we're concluding that black shoes look odd with jeans??



                JC, it's possible what I'm saying only applies to NYC and may not be true in other parts of the country. It was a requirement at some point -- ie, "no brown in town" -- but many NYers don't follow it anymore, certainly not the more well dressed men.

                Jessy, for what it's worth, my vote is a brown or burgundy shoe with brogueing for your situation. You can always get a pair of black later...



                  @Charest Maybe the Fifth Avenue in Dark Brown ? Now I just need to find a pair.



                    For those considering going the Amazon route, Endless has 20% over $100 and they offer free return shipping.




                      @JC - Nice! I'm not a huge fan of burgundy on my feet, but I'm trying to branch out that way. Ordered a pair of Strands this morning.

                      Not to derail the thread, but I saw these at Nordstrom yesterday and couldn't stop salivating. The color in person is just tremendously beautiful:



                        Anyone know when the next sale on AE firsts might be?

                        The best deals I usually see are:

                        1. Nordstrom yearly / half yearly sales - $200

                        2. Endless on sale w/ 20-25% off

                        3. Amazon at 30% off

                        4. Land End at 30% off

                        Usually you can firsts in the $200-$230 range, but haven't seen a deal pop up in a while.



                          I have a gaping hole in my shoe collection. I don't own a single pair of dark brown shoes. I have 1 black, 2 chilis, and 1 walnut. For now, whenever I want to dress conservatively, I just stick to the black shoes. Dark browns will probably be my next purchase, though.



                            First time post here. First off thank you to the regulars around here as I've been absorbing your advice and have significantly upgraded my wardrobe in the past a bargain of course!

                            Second - just grabbed a pair of seconds in the Park Avenues. The guy at the outlet was very nice and said he had a pair in my size of which he couldn't figure out why they were seconds...couldn't find the defect. I'm hoping I can't either. Would've preferred the endless sale for some firsts, but they didn't have my size and Amazon doesn't have the Park Avenue on sale. Between these and the Bruno Magli's I nabbed thanks to Joe's timely CladMen post, my shoe collection is undergoing a major upgrade. So long to my BR shoes that I've needed to replace every year because they are shite!

                            Thanks again!



                              @Alan - same here, I really need some plain brown oxfords or derbies. It's amazing how with 20 pairs of shoes - all of which I can make a style argument for owning - I still have holes.

                              @mrr007, congrats on your purchase, I have a couple pairs of AE seconds with no noticeable flaws which is what makes them such great deals. Upgrading your shoe collection is addictive, don't get too carried away (see above mention of my 20 pairs of shoes).



                                @trash - good advice. The guy almost sold me on the Walnut Cordovan Strands. Maybe I'll make that splurge during the fall season.