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Banana Republic - Horrible Customer Service Experience

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    Originally posted by pratyk View Post
    Backstory: A little over a year ago, I had ordered a Trench Coat from Banana Republic's Online site. UPS marked the status as "Delivered" but the package was never delivered to me. I contacted the customer Service and they issued me a refund.

    Fast Forward to the present:
    I ordered a bunch of items from with the recent 35% off coupon, including the winter coat. The total for the merchandise was about 225-250$. The estimated delivery date was last week and I kept on waiting for the order to arrive. I forgot about it for a few days and I remembered to check the shipment status yesterday since i recollect their 4-7 day free shipping being slow at times. The package was shipped via UPS Smartpost (where UPS hands over the package to USPS for local delivery).
    Hello Dappered,

    I must also complain about a shipping problem I had with Banana Republic. I ordered about $225-$250 worth of merchandise that never arrived on my doorstep. Luckily I found it in Boston, MA and figured out where the error was -- they put the wrong shipping label on the box! As BR is so incompetent at shipping (plus they got the sizing wrong) I am now giving away all of this BR swag for free, including a winter coat. Please let me know what items you would like.

    Best Regards,

    Ragu, a Nigerian Prince

    4SRS though OP, be sure you put in an notice with the credit card company ASAP to protect yourself. I had a similar issue ordering from the Gap once, and they arrived 10 days after their scheduled delivery. I also contacted my local post office and a postal inspector got back to may saying they were looking into it. I never found out what caused the delay, but once the items arrived, I told the CC company that the charges were now legitimate and to drop the report. So just know that there is recourse, you aren't the first one to experience it, and you might get lucky in another week or so.