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The Official Spectre & Co. Thread: Quality Dress Shirts Under $50

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    The Official Spectre & Co. Thread: Quality Dress Shirts Under $50

    First of all, I just want to say how thrilled I am to be a part of the Dappered community! My name is Jeffrey Zhang, and I'm the founder of the recently launched menswear retailer, Spectre & Co. We specialize in affordable, high-quality dress shirts. Our demographic is the budget and fashion conscious man (hello, Dappered!) that isn't always willing to pay $150 (or $100, or even $75 for that matter) for a well-made dress shirt. Our prices range from $45 to $65, and we offer free shipping in the United States as well as free returns for first-time customers. Our shirts are engineered with the utmost care and precision from 100% high threadcount, two-ply cotton, in a completely vertically integrated operation. This means that from the mills abroad to our racks in New York, every detail, stitch, and button falls under one standard of quality with one person in mind: the customer. I'd like to emphasize that we are not a made-to-measure outfit; however, we do offer a solution to a problem many guys have with off-the-rack shirts and their sleeve lengths. Every man is different, and the inability for someone to easily buy a shirt just because the sleeves are too short or long is unacceptable. We offer custom sleeve lengths, you guessed it, free of charge (+two weeks to turnaround because they do have to be made separately). Some other features of our product:

    We've all read about the tragedy in Bangladesh, and it's unfortunate that fast-fashion sometimes turns a blind eye to workplace conditions. With production based out of Shanghai, China, Spectre & Co. takes pride in responsible labor practices and sourcing. Instead of employing laborers, we hire local shirting artisans with experience in the craft. Is it more expensive? Yes, but we believe it's crucial to creating a better product responsibly. Our production team has over 100 years of experience in the garment industry, with pedigrees from renowned shirtmakers such as Ascot Chang.

    Stitching & Pattern Matching
    Our production team's experience in garment-making shows in the needlework and construction of each shirt. Tight and high-density with 22 stitches per inch, our stitching ensures a stronger shirt that lasts longer and looks cleaner. Our patterned shirts also feature artisan-level pattern matching, where different pieces of a patterned shirt are sewn together in a way that makes aesthetic sense. Matching the fabric in this manner provides seamless and continuous lines that don't disrupt the pattern of the shirt. From the yoke to the sleeve, both sides of the center placket to each other, and the sleeve placket to the sleeve, our shirts are carefully pattern-matched for a great looking garment.

    The collar is the centerpiece of a shirt, and brings together an outfit. Our shirt collars are worthy of that title and distinction. Made with an extra-sturdy interlining, our collars are strong and substantial, and hold up well to repeated washing, ironing, and wear. The extra care we put into construction also combats the dreaded "pancake-collar" syndrome, where flimsy collars feel thin and weak, and sloppily slip under jacket lapels. Our collars stand proud and tall when going tie-less, and will never collapse under your suit. All of our spread and cutaway collar shirts come with removable, standard-size collar stays for a sharper, professional look.

    Fit is one of the most important aspects of shirting, and we strive to provide the perfect balance between comfort and style. Our tailored fit shirts are made with less fabric in the waist and the torso for a leaner silhouette that always flatters. As men dress better, it becomes our responsibility to provide shirting that eschews bad habits of modern garment production in regards to fit; we fight to prevent billowing sleeves, blousing waists, and flyaway collars.

    As this is the official thread on the forums for Spectre & Co., I would love to answer any questions that you guys may have. You guys are a sharp bunch, and I look forward to discussing our product with you! In the meantime, you can also visit our FAQ page for some answers to common questions. Also, although we take great pride in our product photography and our model shots, it helps to have a more realistic perspective with some candid shots that show fit (sorry for the quality of the images, it was the most I could do with what I had on hand):

    My measurements, for reference:
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 165 lbs, Slim
    Collar Size: 15
    Sleeve Length: 33
    Waist: 32.5
    Jacket Size: 38R

    Size 15, 32-33 Sleeve (Light Blue Oxford Spread Collar)
    Untucked Front:

    Untucked Back:

    Tucked Front:

    Tucked Back:

    jzhang, welcome to the forums!

    Spectre & Co. contacted the Dappered Threads moderator team before posting to ask permission to introduce themselves. This thread is an outlet where they can answer questions from forum members and introduce their products. It is not an endorsement by Dappered, or a sponsored advertisement.


      Interesting, I look forward to trying these soon.


        Here's another shot of what our spread collar shirt looks like under a suit jacket:

        Also, we've also been getting a lot of requests for OCBDs. For those wondering, they will be arriving in our upcoming Fall/Winter collection.


          Just ordered a couple of shirts (blue and white). I look forward to getting them.


            Originally posted by Kroaker View Post
            Just ordered a couple of shirts (blue and white). I look forward to getting them.
            Thanks, Kroaker! I hope you enjoy the shirts! Looking forward to your feedback!



              Hello Dappered Forum Members!

              For those of you in the New York area, we're proud to announce our first pop-up shopping event hosted at The Market NYC in the West Village, starting Friday, August 9th at noon. As an e-commerce retailer, we know how reluctant some are to purchase from a new brand without the ability to try on first. So this shopping event is the perfect opportunity to experience our product firsthand! We'll be showing and selling our entire Spring/Summer collection, all prices within the $45 to $65 range. We would love to meet members of the Dappered community!

              Event Info
              Spectre & Co. at The Market NYC
              159 Bleecker Street, Lower Level
              New York, NY

              Friday: Noon - 9PM
              Saturday: Noon - 9PM
              Sunday: Noon - 8PM

              Hope we can see some of you there!


                Interesting, I don't check this board much, but just saw this post. The links to your website go to a dead page. Are you guys still in business? Your shirts look intriguing.


                  The link works for me.


                    Originally posted by shad0w4life View Post
                    weird. Maybe their site was just having some hosting issues when I tried it. It works now for me as well.


                      Anyone have any further update or opinion on spectre...?


                        Any chance we would see some non iron shirts?

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