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The Tie Bar is now being sold at Nordstrom

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    The Tie Bar is now being sold at Nordstrom

    I just noticed that is offering products from The Tie Bar. This seems to include some sterling silver tie bars at $39.99 that aren't listed on their own site. The other products are being sold at the normal $15 price per tie.

    I think it's interesting that Nordstrom is trying its hand at curating products from online retailers. I haven't seen any of these ties in the brick and mortar stores, but it's possible that they're there.

    Just an FYi if people need an easy way to spend the $20 Nordstrom reward certificates.

    Edit: Sterling silver tie bars are actually $39.50
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    Great to see, especially with the free shipping and returns. Hope they expand the selection!


      @trash - Great point about the free shipping and returns. I forgot about that. Having never tried a Tie Bar tie, this would be a simple and easy way to get my hands on one to check it out.


        For what it's worth, the pics of the ties on are better than those on The Tie Bar's own site (they have money and publicity, they should spend a little to upgrade it - or at least the photos; it's a tad unprofessional). May actually motivate me to buy one of their ties. Also - free shipping and returns as some have pointed out, that's awesome.


          Re: Tie Bar, I had heard of them through a classmate and had perused the site a few times, but I never bit the bullet and ordered anything.

          A little while back, I was in need of some cheap pocket squares, and I found some for $8 on the site. Of course, in order to get free shipping, I filled up the cart with some ties to get $50.

          The original shipment was screwed up by USPS, so I don't blame them--in fact, I'll give their customer service dept props for following up and sending a second shipment which did indeed get to me, but either way it was all too late for my trip (I had ordered way in advance to receive it, even with the slowest shipping option).

          Anyway, long story short, the quality of all products left quite a bit to be desired. At first, I wondered, how are all these ties $15? After I got my ties and pocket squares, I understood.