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    As outfitters go- Filson's is great. But it must be said, a lot of thier coats (ie field jackets) will run larger and in some cases actual hunting coats so thier fit is a form of the function (ie gussets, game pouches, shell loops etc).

    Over all a lot of there stuff is still made in the USA so that's a bonus too.

    I have to share this review of Filson's Denim Straight Leg Jeans I came across last December. The writer is so passionate about Filson and well... you'll see:
    "As the great cities of the United States grow more perplexing and representative of a mono-culture distant and foreign to the wilds of the timberlands and and rough country, so does Filson.

    It is not Filson's fault (nor is it necessarily a mistake) that in order to survive in this economy it must adjust to a more plush and urbanized consumer base, relegated to the confines of claustrophobic cubicles, Honda Civics, shopping malls, college dorms, movie theaters, Italian restaurants and Twitter and Facebook. With more and more humans stuck in cul-de-sacs and apartment buildings, people are less connected to nature. Enough ranting.

    My point is that Filson is representative of living a rugged lifestyle. Fantastically, with these jeans, we discover a pair of fine, US crafted raw denim pants which are such a horrific rarity in the era of imported, "washed fabric" paper thin half-rotten cloths lacking all utility whatsoever! Filson continues to recognize that Americans demand American goods, and not just with "US Made" branded on the tag, but with rugged fabrics. Kudos and good work Filson, because you are the shining star of quality and concern for customers, and this is evidenced by a commitment to your values through these jeans.

    Nevertheless, we are seeing a gradual degradation of Filson's uniqueness in the marketplace. Slowly but surely we are seeing influences from Vans and Levi's spilling into Filson design through business deals designed to promote their own financial longevity. This is due to a considerable shift in the market for clothing. Men are slowly shriveling up into non-physically working people; Filson sees that there is still a demand for US made goods, but there is certainly a reduction in the market for strictly hard working clothes at premium prices. Filson is looking at extra markets, experimenting with other companies focused on producing urban-use clothes, forcing those of us who still work in wet and rugged conditions to wade through growing marshes of mall-esque clothing at Filson-grade prices in order to reach clothes dedicated to function, not just flair.

    These are great jeans; if you really want a pair of Filson jeans, here's your chance. They are US made, a dying breed in this era of imported goods. They are expensive however, and I see only a marginally greater utility (or visual) value for many individuals to purchase these over a pair of normal imported jeans. Expensive for what they're useful outdoors for; I would advise most hard working individuals to put their money towards a pair of double tin cloth pants or a bib that is water-resistant and provides more leg room and flexibility."


      I have a Filson Laptop Briefcase. Best decision I made. I used to have the older Macbook Pro (thicker than the Macbooks today) and it would fit that as well as a bunch of other things. Now that I have an Air...I have so much room