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    Lands End/Lands End Canvas

    I have literally zero experience with this brand, but it has a few strong selling points for me.

    1. Cheap "Slim Fit" shirts from LE
    2. Moderately inexpensive sweaters (I'm SUPER tempted by - it would be perfect but for the single toggle)
    3. Very inexpensive (and good looking online) coats
    4. TALL SIZES.
    5. TALL SIZES.
    6. TALL SIZES.

    Does anyone have any experience with the brand? What do you guys think? There's no store near my, so I can't try them on anything.

    Especially: how slim are their "slim fit" shirts and their sweaters. Any comparison points would be very much appreciated.

    There will be a lot of LE/LEC items discussed on the forums, it has been a staple for many for a lot of us. Wait for sales like the one on currently, 40% off 1 item as the original pricing can be high. Quality is good, sizing can be difficult with a lot of variance between items. For shirts I've always found sizing down helps, but that will depend on your body type.


      So I'm not sure if this really is news to anyone, but if anyone else is new to LE/LEC, there's a Lands End in a nearby sears which I visited today. I didn't have high hopes, especially given that it was supposed to have far boxier, more "traditional" fits than LEC. But...

      1. Sweaters. I had been hoping to try on a Cotton/Wool/Poly blend Cable Crew neck in Medium, expecting to be a medium tall, but unfortunately that size wasn't available, so I tried on a large. I was shocked when I put the large on. I was sure that it had to have been mislabeled. Surely this was a medium? But nope, the arms were as long as I expected, and the armholes were high, the arms trim, and the body slim enough that even though I wear a 40 suit (and a large is labelled 42-44), there was a still a noticeable line at the end of my pecs and not much extra fabric in the waist (although there was some - I've got a 10 inch plus drop, so that happens). Now, according to the internet, the sweater in a Medium Tall is half an inch longer than the large in sleeve length (a little better for me!), and 2 inches trimmer in the body. Wow. Now that's great. I really, really wish there were no synthetics in the fabric, and its a little bit rough for my taste (I'm looking for a soft, chunky, snuggly material), but still not bad.

      2. Shirts. Again, I tried on a medium. Short in the sleeves, but a medium tall (readily available online) would fix that. I was very happy, as its one of the first "slim" fit inexpensive shirts that isn't way too bulky in the waist. Often I can get the shoulders to fit or the waist, but not both. This was close. Could have lost 2-3 more inches in the waist, but pretty darn close, and I have a very disproportionate waist. Sleeves weren't as trim as I would have hoped, but not cavernous. It's one of those shirts that's close - take it to a tailor and it'll be spot on. BUT. And here's the big but. While the shirts were soft and comfortable-ish feeling, the fabric just felt really, really low quality. A bit disappointing.

      Good fits, mediocre quality. Great price. I wish I could be unsatisfied with it, but I'm in my early 20s, and three poplin button downs and a cable knit sweater that all fit my Frankenstein of a physique well for 115? I'll take that compromise.


        I just got their blue blazer ($250). Not worth the price. The armpits of the jacket were very low, making it hard to raise my arms. Plus, the jack just looked cheap. I returned it.


          I'm wearing a pima medium polo from them today and around 6' 190lb decently built guy it fits very well, the sleeves aren't all baggy, they conform to my arms, it's tailored but not nipple tight.

          Pants I have a tonne of as well, love the free hemming.


            What I like from them:

            Main LE line: (get tailored-fit shirts or size down and get regular fit, if you're in close to decent shape)
            -super-T t-shirts. Nice colors, nice feel, they stand up well to washing.
            -polos, both the mesh and pima. These are good quality and go very cheap on sale.
            -non-iron dress shirts are decent and cheap on sale, but they are big in the arms and body,so best worn under a jacket.
            -jeans aren't all that hip and fashionable but they're made very well (very durable and the straight-fit ones are cut OK.
            -the cotton crew socks are very nice but they've raised the price to almost $10/pair which is ridiculous, so I don't buy them anymore.
            -the madras shirts are nice although some of the colors aren't great. They're cut big, so try a size down.

            -various casual sport shirts. Nice cut, nice materials, generally nice looks. The poplin ones wrinkle like hell though.


              Was anybody else expecting a second line of summer apparel from LEC? It seemed like they introduced the current line a long long time ago, and when they did they posted a video called "Part 1 Canvas Summer Collection 2013"... and then they got rid of the separate website... :-/