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Saks' Off 5th

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    Saks' Off 5th

    I'm curious about people's experience with this upscale outlet.

    One opened up in my hometown and I dropped in over the holidays. At first, I had some sticker shock. They are definitely carrying some designer names at hefty prices - even when discounted. The Saks brands Black Label (business attire), Red Label (fashion forward), and Blue Label (stylish outdoorsy adventurer) seem to represent some of the better value propositions. I noticed some very nice looking (and feeling) cashmere scarves that were marked down to $50, for example. The designer wool scarves were going for closer to $80.

    I was specifically looking for trousers. You have to pay close attention to any section of the store because most everything is not at the marked price. It's either 30%, 40%, or 50% off or buy 3 for $20 or something like that. They had some nice feeling medium grey trousers in Black Label for $80/pair. I wound up getting a grey with subtle red and blue plaid for $56 from the Saks Red Label line.

    Though touted as fashion forward, these were eye-catching only in the slim fit. There seems to be virtually no vanity sizing here. I probably should have taken a 33" waist (more likely my true size as opposed to 1-2" slimmer in other brands), though I bought a 32" because they didn't have the larger sizes. There's room to let it out if I want to. Also, this tapered to an aggressive 15.75" leg opening, nearly 3/4" less than the BR Tailored Slim Fit and even a bit more than that when compared to the Bonobos straight leg trousers in my size. The fabric felt like a nice flannel woolen and they seemed reasonably well put together. The Saks branded stuff I checked did seem to be made in China, as opposed to Italy and other locations for some of the designer merchandise.

    What have other people thought of Off 5th? Any opinions about the quality of the Saks-branded merchandise here?

    I've ventured in numerous times, and never bought anything. Last call neiman marcus >>>>> saks' off 5th