I hesitated a lot, before posting here (always afraid of being considered as a spam post, or considered as some random guy who just wants to publish a link). But it seems that we are allowed to introduce a product or a service here, I finally decide, what the hell, let me try.

We are NCG Tailor - an online men's custom-made suits maker and seller. Yeah, like a lot other so-called online custom suits makers, just one of them.

No, wait, not totally the same. We offer $59 remake option for a new customer if his first suit does not fit. In simple words, if the first suit you buy from us does not fit, you try it, tell us any measurements you want to modify, and we will make a totally new one for $59: same details, just with updated (or modified) measurements.

The perfect suit fit is the key. But selling online, asking a customer to take himself the measurements, promising a perfect fit, is just a big lie, no way, impossible.

That's our logic behind this "$59 remake option" offer: If impossible to guarantee that for the first time, let's try again.