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Introducing The Knit Project - feedback welcome!

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    Introducing The Knit Project - feedback welcome!

    Hi All,
    My name is Redwan and my brother and I just launched our San Francisco Bay Area-based small start-up, The Knit Project. We are an online retailer specializing in making trendy sweaters in limited quantities that prioritize simplicity, quality, and fit. Please check us out at As a bonus, here’s a gift to the Dappered Threads readers - DAPPERED10 to get an extra 10% off.

    I will just share a little bit of background behind our company. One of the things we always struggled with was to find well-fitted, fashionable and long-lasting sweaters at an affordable price. It was easy to find an affordable sweater that was fashionable, but then it would not last long. If we found a sweater that was high quality and lasted a while, the price tag would be in the hundreds. Finding the right fit was always an issue too - the sleeves and chest area may be too loose, while the waist may be tightly fitted; or an apparently fitted sweated would become loose after a few wears. We did not want to settle for these trade-offs and figured that there are others who might be in the same boat as well. This is what prompted us to launch The Knit Project with a limited number of sweaters.

    We strive to make sweaters that are simple in appearance and timeless in design. They are thoroughly tested for quality and constructed for durability, unlike what you often get in fast-fashion. And lastly, fit is our definitive characteristic. We painstakingly designed and re-designed our sweaters to ensure that you look great from a 360 degree perspective. As a result, you’ll notice that our website is quite unique in that our models are shot from natural angles to give you a better idea of how you’ll look. By the way, we also designed and developed our own website. I can definitely say that it has been a very educational and exciting “project”.

    We take pride in all our sweaters, but our 100% Italian Filivivi Merino Wool sweaters definitely stand out at an amazing price along with our clean and clutterless no drawstring hoodie.

    Please let us know what you think of our products and website. All feedback welcome!

    I like the looks of the sweaters.

    Can the size chart include more info? Sleeve length at least. I love when actual garment dimensions are available. I'm tall, most sleeves are too short on me so I like to know if there's a chance it'd fit..