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    Originally posted by flatbear View Post
    their new website looks better and seems to have working filters.

    btw why do the models not wear belts? Do the trousers not have belt loops/have side tabs? I cant tell from the product pics.

    Is there an option to get trousers with side tabs instead of loops?
    That's probably a stylistic choice for the photoshoot. However, the blue and green trousers the older model is wearing are the frescos and those come with side adjusters.


      Originally posted by ianr View Post
      Yes, please put piping on these. I understand why though as it would be impossible to sell the excess on their own.
      Looking at the description on the website, this has been fixed! The new tuxedos have the stripe. Once I get an excuse to wear a tuxedo (living in Dallas, I'm sure I could find some reasons), I'll pick one up for sure haha