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Suitsupply Returning Issue

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    Suitsupply Returning Issue

    Hi Gents

    I'm having some issues with returning my suits, have anyone has experience in dealing with this situation.
    I bought 4 suits and got 4 return labels, but invoice for 3 only, I am missing 1 invoice.(this suit was sent to me separately from another warehouse than the other 3).
    I tried to send them out today but ups wouldnt let me because of the missing invoice, and they were also asking me for packing lists in order for them to send it.
    Did anyone have the same situation, I tried reaching out to customer service for the invoice but they are not responding just yet. did you guys provide with all these documentation when you were returning your suits.
    I didnt expect the returning service would be this complicated...I would appreciate if anyone had some advice here.