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Jeeves: Vass shoes and elegant menswear accessories (OTC socks, gloves, Italian ties)

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    Jeeves: Vass shoes and elegant menswear accessories (OTC socks, gloves, Italian ties)

    Hi all!

    Allow me to introduce Jeeves, an online store set up to be a bit different than most.


    As a gratitude to all members on Dappered, there is a coupon code 'JEEVES10' for 10% percent off all items, except for Vass.

    With Jeeves, we want to create classic, timeless products. We went to numerous trade shows; leather fairs, and talked to a lot of people, until we came into contact with exactly the right persons for each product. I have personally visited every one of our suppliers, and chose to work only with small factories, usually family run, that shared our idea.

    That idea, in sum, was to design products from the ground up, spending careful attention to every detail, and to use only the best materials that we could find. These materials are then combined with the excellent craftsmanship of our artisans, where we made sure that each of the craftsmen was able to ‘fill in the blanks’. That way, we try to honour what they believe would look good as well, instead of listening to what fashion dictates.

    Besides this, we try to 'educate' our customers and have added a blog to the online store. There we will regularly post about leather properties, fabrics, and some of the history of our products and makers!

    We have experience with shipping worldwide, and can manage custom orders for all of our products, but ask to bear with us while we will inevitably experience the pitfalls of an online store. We also offer complimentary shipping in the EU, worldwide shipping from 150 EURO, and no VAT outside the EU.

    To give an idea of some of our products:

    1. Shetland wool regimental ties, handmade in Italy by one of the oldest tiemakers. Classic 3-fold construction, Italian fabrics cut on the bias, cotton and wool lining for the perfect drape, hand sewn bar tack and slip stitch.

    2. Lined and raised leather belts, with full grain leather interlining. The edges are skived to give the belt a raised profile and a very elegant look. Available in leather, suede and exotics such as Kudu leather.

    3. Over the calf cotton, wool and cashmere/wool socks, made by Bresciani in Italy.

    4. Vass shoes, available both as RTW and MTO. The boot pictures is a special model, designed by us and made exclusively for Jeeves. It is called the 'Byron' boot, and is made from supply English Grain pebble leather, threated with a unique mixtue of wax and oil. It features a 270 degree Goyser stitch and Dainite sole. Special order only.

    5. Handmade leather gloves, with 'quirks'. These are small, diamond shaped pieces of leather that provide a lot of comfort. All gloves are made from the best Peccary, Carpincho and Deerskin leather.

    We hope you like the website, the blog and our producuts!

    Feedback and tips are more than welcome!

    Best regards,

    As an update, we would like to let everyone know that our entire Vass stock is now available on eBay:

    We use eBay as a parellel sales channel, since we have found that many customers search eBay for new and unusud items as well. The idea that eBay is a second hand marketplace for B-level goods is a thing from the past.

    We also created an online Pinterest album so you can have a quick look to what's on offer:

    Tomorrow all shoes will be available in our online store as well!


      We also want to draw your attention to a coupon code, valid until midnight today: use KNEEHIGHSOCKS for a 10% discount on all Bresciani socks! Free worldwide shipping from €150.


        We are doing some product photography of our gloves. This is a closeup shot of the quirks that make our gloves very unique. They are small diamond shaped pieces of leather that go inbetween the fourchettes, and give the gloves more flexibility.

        Today, this is a detail that's very hard to find, because of the extra work needed to add this detail.

        You can shop our Jeeves Peccary Gloves here.


          Receive an automatic 10% discount on all Bresciani socks, when you purchase 3 pair or more.

          Free shipping within EU!



            TL;DR: All Jeeves ties 15% off with coupon code Handmadeties, free shipping within EU!


            The workshop where our ties are made is one of the oldest in the world, and is situated in the North of Italy. It is small and difficult to find form the outside, but on the inside artisans work vigorously on some of the best ties in the world. They produce for some of the largest brands in the Italy, France and England, and for Jeeves.

            Jeeves ties are made with the classic 3-fold construction, and are lined with a pure wool/cotton lining. We believe that the classic construction still provides the best result, and find that the pattern and texture of the fabric is what makes a tie stand out, more than an overly complicated construction. Every tie is hand closed with what is called a slip-stitch, a stitch that leaves some extra thread at both sides, to give it more flexibility. This ensures that the tie always hangs straight, and that it returns to its original form when untied.

            Jeeves offers a selection of ties focused around texture. We have ties made from Grenadine silk (an open weave with a beautiful texture), from pure Shetland wool, Irish Poplin, Woven silk and of course the classic printed silk.

            All ties are priced at 95 EUR (incl. 21% VAT). They are delivere in an elegant packaging made form recycled greyboard or fibreboard. It is a very strong packaging, even ideal to travel with. All items are shipped free within the EU.

            For this week only, we over a promotion code that gives a 15% discount on every tie purchased. The promotion runs until Wednesday October 26th at midnight.

            The code is: Handmadeties

            Link to the site:


              To start of November, we are giving a 10% discount on our Vass RTW shoe models.

              The code is 10VASSRTW and will be up for about a week! With the discount code, our RTW shoes are priced at 507 USD VAT free with complimentary shipping worldwide. Lasted shoe trees are included with each pair of shoes.

              Vass Medium Brown Suede Italian Oxford with single leather sole and toe taps:

              Vass Inca Grain Derby with rubber Dainite sole:


                Happy to share our new GMTO with Vass!

                For this one we sourced a true burnishable leather in a nice burgundy shade, called 'Vegano Calf' from the French tannery Annonay. It lends itself perfectly to proper burnishing, and will result in a much more natural looking burnished finish.

                Available at 700 USD excl. VAT, including shoe trees. Worldwide shipping at cost. Payment can be done 50/50. The shoes also come with a tin of Saphir wax and a polishing cloth. Closing date is to be determined, but will be in a couple of weeks probably.

                Send us a PM or contact us directly at [email protected]

                Or visit the website and contact us there:


                  Love your selection of products, and phenomenal prices on the Vass shoes. Nothing that catches my eyes just yet but I've bookmarked your website and will keep checking. Do you have any recommendations for what size to take in the F last if I'm a 8.5UK in the Carmina rain?


                    Originally posted by LosRockets View Post
                    Love your selection of products, and phenomenal prices on the Vass shoes. Nothing that catches my eyes just yet but I've bookmarked your website and will keep checking. Do you have any recommendations for what size to take in the F last if I'm a 8.5UK in the Carmina rain?
                    Thank you for your kind words! If you are a size 8.5UK on the Carmina Rain last, we would advise a size 42.5 on the Vass F last.

                    This Wednesday, 16th of November, we will have new Odd Stock for sale on our website. If you are looking for any model in particular, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

                    We also send out a newsletter when we have new Odd Stock, so if you want to be kept up to date, just send us an email and I will add you to the list.


                      Our mid-season sale is now on! All handmade ties, belts and Bresciani socks are no available at a 10% discount. Free shipping from 180 EUR. Sale does not apply to either the gloves or Vass shoes.


                      Tomorrow we will be in Budapest, if anyone has a special request for pictures and/or a specific pair of shoes, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


                        We just launched a new model on the site: the Vass Alt Wien in Antique cognac calf on the New Peter last in sizes 41 to 45. A true classic!

                        Available for just under 485 USD excl. VAT for all non - EU members with free shipping. Includes lasted shoe trees, Vass bags and shoe box, and a can of Saphir wax.




                          BLACK FRIDAY sale just went live! Sale ends Monday 4PM local time (10 in the morning for New York!)

                          -20% on all Nicky Milano ties

                          -20% on all Bresciani Socks

                          -10% on all Jeeves belts

                          -10% on all Jeeves leather gloves (Peccary, Carpincho and lined deerskin)

                          Styleforum discount code (JEEVES10) applies on all these products, subtracting another 10%!

                          Last but not least:

                          -10% on all Vass hand welted shoes (and we added a bunch of new Odd Stock models!)

                          Vass Medium Brown Suede Italian Oxford at 487.63 USD excl. VAT (with international shipping and lasted shoe trees included)

                          Vass Inca Grain (Exclusive to Jeeves) Derby at 487.63 USD excl. VAT (with international shipping and lasted shoe trees included)

                          Vass Alt Wien Derby Cognac at only 432.57 USD excl. VAT (with international shipping and lasted shoe trees included)


                            We added a new RTW model to our shop, the Norweger in Antique Cognac calf. This is an iconic Vass design, made on the specially designed Peter last. This is a more symmetric last and is perhaps the most modern of the classic Vass lasts.

                            Available at 620 EUR incl. VAT / 512.50 EUR excl. VAT, shoe trees included. Shipping is free worldwide.

                            For a short time only these shoes can be bought with a 50 EUR discount (excl. VAT), using the promotion code 'NORWEGER' at checkout. You can also contact us directly by PM.



                              We moved 4 pair of Vass shoes to Ebay, ending in less than 48 hours:

                              - Vass Antique Cognac Loafer size 44.5 Peter last

                              - Vass Chukka boot size 41.5 F last

                              - Vass Longwing Derby in Antique Cognac calf size 43 U last

                              - Vass French Oxford in Oxblood and Cognac Calf size 42 U last