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Feedback on Men's Grooming Kits + 30% Off Discount Code!

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    Feedback on Men's Grooming Kits + 30% Off Discount Code!

    Hey all,

    I would like to introduce my recently launched startup - Tread - Men's Skin Care Made Easy.

    My partner Eric and I started Tread a few months ago to bring easy-to-use and effective men's skin care products to the masses. We began to get serious about our facial care regimens last year, and after some research and cutting through the BS of the skin care industry we found that (1) it really is essential to have some type of daily regimen if you want your face to stay healthy in the long term, and (2) nobody was providing a convenient, effective, and affordable solution for men’s facial care in one place.

    We saw an opportunity to create something attractive for men who are unfamiliar with the benefits of skin care. We created simple, easy to use kits to deliver guys exactly what they need, along with some illustrated guides on how to use the products (because let's face it not every dude knows what the heck to do with moisturizer).

    All of our products are sourced in the USA, and natural and organic as much as possible. For products that are not 100% Organic, we've added 100% approved stabilizers to keep our products safe.

    Please check out our store and leave us some feedback here, positive or negative and for your time and effort we are offering a limited time 30% discount to all our friends. Simply enter the code DAPPERED30 during checkout.

    TIA and stay dapper gentlemen!

    Co-founder @ Tread

    I don't want something called tread on my face.