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  • those look really cool.


    • Originally posted by Shade View Post
      those look really cool.

      Thanks! We're super excited about them!
      "Instantly Add a Little Class to your Wardrobe"


      • Get Outside - National Parks Week

        Cascade Trail
        We started our hike at Cascade Trail, in Columbia, MD, at the edge of the Patapsco Valley Park, a Maryland state park. We met with Jeff who has hiked at multiple National Parks in the United States. Jeff loves to get outside and hike. He’s been all over the United States: from Acadia Park in Bar Harbor, Maine to Cabrillo in San Diego, CA. With at least 60 sites that are officially titled National Parks, there are still many to go to with the 400+ that are considered National Park Locations in the United States and its territories.

        Leather NATO
        We gave Jeff one of our Leather NATO bands which he immediately remarked smells incredible. Nothing beats the smell of real leather. Walking around outside, we noticed how green the world has become now that it’s spring, and the scents that come with it. Of course, the strap just fits right in with a great feel, comfortability, and leather smell. Normally we see leather as a fall item, but who says we can’t wear it in the spring?

        Often it can be really scary to take your watches and watch straps outside, especially with genuine leather watch straps and products. However, choose to be fearless this warm season. Leather ages beautifully. It doesn’t decrease in value as it ages: a lot of time that aging gives it that patina that is coveted by leather collectors. So, don’t be afraid to take that waterproof or water resistant watch outside on your straps and enjoy a hike.

        Get Outside
        Whether you go to a national park or a state park, grab your friends and go for a small hike. Take yourself up to the top of a mountain to watch the sunset. Make some coffee while you’re up there. Climb on some rocks or go for a swim. The possibilities are endless if you get yourself outdoors. Don’t be afraid to bring your straps with you. Of course, be generally careful if it isn’t a waterproof strap, but live outside the box a little bit. Enjoy that fresh air. Take pictures and pack your lunch. You can find adventure in your own back yard.

        Adventure is Out There
        Check out some of the National Park events as well as your local state parks. Grab your watch straps and get hiking.

        Tag your pictures with [MENTION=15015]clockworksynergy[/MENTION] on Instagram with #GetOutside.

        Thanks Jeff for hanging out with us! Maybe we’ll see you soon on your next great adventure.
        "Instantly Add a Little Class to your Wardrobe"