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The Uniform: a dress shirt as comfortable as your favorite polo

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    The Uniform: a dress shirt as comfortable as your favorite polo

    Hi everyone,

    I thought you might be interested in something my team and I have been working on. We've been working for the past two years on creating the most comfortable, most stylish dress shirt we can - and we'd really appreciate any feedback you may have.

    Our site is live at:

    Below is a link to a PDF with a little more information about our shirt.

    You can view our lookbook here.

    Our shirts are made of 100% cotton pique - so they're as comfortable and as easy to care for as your favorite polo shirt. The goal was to create a dress shirt that could be worn all day, without growing uncomfortable or getting that steadily-more-rumpled look of a woven shirt. My partner Tyler wanted a shirt he'd be as comfortable lying on the couch in as he'd be wearing to a wedding.

    They look professional under a suit, but can be easily styled for casual wear.

    Thanks for your time - I look forward to hearing from you!


    Right off the bat my biggest concern would be collar, particularly with a tie. How is that material going to allow for a crisp collar.


      This is interesting... the collar actually has a nice size to it, but when I see this I immediately think of a rugby and those don't seem too dressy to me. I've been living in suits and sportcoats for the past 2 months and it's hard for me to imagine this item working with them from AM to PM. I wear must-iron dress shirts from Spier & Mackay, they're breathable, affordable, and generally work really well for me, but as my weight fluctuates from weightlifting, sized shirts can be annoying. It'd be really cool if this actually lived up to all the copy on your website (fwiw I'd ditch the hyperbole of "The only shirt you'll ever need"). For my day job working in the hospital, I think this could actually be a great choice. Do you have any reviews yet?


        It is quite impressive how the website really does not really actually detail the way in which the cuffs, collar, stays, buttons, stitching or essentially any of the important details of how this shirt is finished. I can't even find close up pictures of these pretty crucial items. On such a supposedly revolutionary idea, you would think there would at least be enough concrete information to sell me the snake oil, instead of just the multiple pages of example-thin sales hyperbole on how it would be "the best shirt we've ever owned".

        There are no actual details of the fit of the shirt. No listings of what measurements the models are, and what shirt sizes they're wearing.

        and then on top of that, it's not even available in actual dress-shirt sizing. it's in S/M/L/XL like some kind of tshirt at walmart. No sleeve lengths, and no neck sizes. sounds like a recipe for looking sloppy.

        Whoever executed this idea so poorly should be boiled alive.


          Here's my feedback [MENTION=14877]theuniform[/MENTION].

          - I agree with [MENTION=2492]LosRockets[/MENTION] about the concerns of it being a glorified rugby shirt. I don't think you can make cotton pique look dressy enough to appear right for a suit or tux, but I'd have to see your company's version of it in person to confirm that.

          - I'd like to see more collar options. Technically a semi-spread is the safest bet for a majority of the public, but I prefer a full spread or cutaway.

          - The pictures on the ordering page are goofy. I get that they're supposed to show how comfortable the shirt is and how it stays tucked, but nobody is doing pull-ups or yoga in dress clothes.

          - [MENTION=12001]evanparker[/MENTION] has a good point about the copy and lack of up close photos, despite the very aggressive tone. I personally don't mine the S/M/L/XL sizing, especially as you're starting out. Your team provides a size chart (see note on it below), so if your measurements don't fit those numbers, you can adjust accordingly (wash/dry it to shrink, tailor, or don't buy)

          - Your size chart in the drop down photos for the shirt sale page (shows shirt measurements) is different than the one hyperlinked in the copy on that page (shows ideal size for wearer of each size). While it's good to have both, it can cause confusion. I'd recommend consolidating them to one page, similar to Kamakura.

          With that being said, for someone like myself in a workplace with a hybrid dress code, something like this could work really well. If you need someone outside of your friend group to sample it, I'd be glad to give one a run.
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            So it's really just a pique polo dress shirt. I'm intrigued, mainly because:

            1) Ralph Lauren already makes a knit dress shirt that feels really nice:
            2) The measurements, if correct, are definitely built in mind for someone with an athletic body (see my previous posts/rants about 'slim fit' dress shirts being too billowy)

            So that's enough for me to be interested in trying it.

            The concerns:
            1) Again, Ralph Lauren already makes this an identical price. And RL is the king of the pique polo fabric.
            2) The RL shirt has a button down collar, which seems much more appropriate for a shirt that probably has a very casual drape. I wouldn't say my tastes reflect the general public, but I typically like either a spread collar shirt or a button down collar. This Uniform shirt has something in between, which to me is no-mans land (not as clean/dressy as a spread collar, yet not casual enough to be versatile).
            3) Agreed with the above posts that the website needs work.

            The recommendations:
            1) Differentiate yourself from the other knit shirt options out there, especially if you're going to run the same price as the competition.
            2) Please, please opt for a button down collar. I think that a knit button down shirt is always going to err on the side of casual (even if on the business casual spectrum), and a button down collar fits in so much better. It would also eliminate the "floppy collar" problem that people have already mentioned.
            3) Better, natural photos on the website. The pictures look very processed, which makes it hard to get a good look at the shirt. Highly saturated black & white photos may look cool, but it gives us no idea of what the shirt actually looks like in person.
            4) Reviews/word-of-mouth will be king here. Send around some shirts for people to post about, and that will help gain traction. It seems like Dappered Threads Favorite Spier & Mackey gained all of its ground by word of mouth on here and StyleForum.


              Hi everyone,

              Thank you so much for your detailed feedback on both the shirt and the presentation we currently have online. I - we - really appreciate the time you took to look everything over, and we'll take your comments with us as we iterate on the design.

              We've been reaching out to a variety of people in the media to review samples, and have sent out the first few rounds of samples for review. We've gotten some feedback so far from those individuals - the button down collar comment has come up several times now, for example.

              I also agree on needing to expand beyond the B&W look. We have all of the color photographs from the shoot, including some candids, and also some shots of my partner Tyler wearing the shirt day-to-day, so I'll be incorporating those into the site soon as well.
              [MENTION=2492]LosRockets[/MENTION], we don't have any published reviews yet. I believe the first one will be going up sometime later this week or next, but with the Christmas holiday things have gotten slightly disrupted.
              [MENTION=12001]evanparker[/MENTION], thanks for the thoughts on switching out the photos on the product pages. We had originally used some images like this, but they didn't make it into the second iteration of the site.

              Thanks again, everyone!


                Dappered Members,

                After posting my feedback in the thread, Emily from The Uniform was nice enough to send me a sample of the shirt to gain some additional feedback. Here is the review I provided to her, verbatim:

                I'm 6'2", 180lbs. Depending on the manufacturer, I typically wear a 38-40 suit in Regular or Long length. I also float between a medium and large in most brands. Due to the measurements on the website, I went with a medium.

                Here's my feedback after the initial wear:


                - The fabric. It appears to be finer gauge pique cotton than the polos I've owned. This gives it a dressier appearance than rugby shirts.
                - The collar band and cuff construction. They are stronger than I expected, likely due to a thick interior lining.
                - The cut. It was a touch snug in the chest, but the rest was very good. The arms were slim, body below the chest was slim, and I didn't have any extra material billowing at the bottom.
                - The movement. I put together a standing desk today and had no issues with RoM.
                - Lack of branding.


                - Measurements. I'm a little taller than average, but the shirt wasn't long enough for me to tuck. This is fine for a polo or rugby shirt, but for something that is supposed to replace dress shirts, I need to tuck it.
                - Measurements, part 2: The sleeves were about an inch short for me. The site measurements showed it would net about 35.25", but I think the end result is a little under 35"
                - Buttons. While I liked the size and thickness of the buttons, if I'm spending $100 for a shirt, I expect mother or pearl.
                - Contrast stitching. While I like the idea of it, I think the orange is a little too loud. A light blue or similar shade could show the same attention to detail.
                - Collar. As I mentioned in my original note, I'm not a huge fan of the semi spread collar. This is especially true when you wear it with the top button undone, and the large points are facing outward.
                - Fit and finish in one area. The lack of branding seemed to be due to someone pulling out the stitched tag from the back of the next. You can see the stitch marks and loose thread where a tag used to be. (NOTE: She mentioned this was because they had issues with their logo and had to remove the tags until that was settled)


                In the end, for me this is a hybrid between a rugby and dress shirt. While I don't think it could replace my dress shirts, it would be perfect for those in a business casual environment looking for a slightly dressier substitute for a polo or rugby.

                Given your price point and brand recognition, I'd recommend taking a look at Kent Wang. His polos and rugby shirts are the gold standard for affordable gear in the menswear world. While I think you're on the right track to compete with him and others, I'm not sure if this version of the uniform is there yet.

                Thanks, and best of luck to The Uniform team!
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                  Interesting idea.

                  While I wandered around Kohl's today hopelessly trying to find either a decent OCBD or navy Dockers in my size (I found neither), I stumbled upon


                  Didn't feel it, so I'm not sure if this is the exact same idea, but while I'm sure that your product is nicer, this is something to consider.


                    I forgot to mention one thing in my review.

                    Due to the sizing issues I faced with the shirt sample, I am willing to give it to someone else so they can provide a review/feedback for the team.

                    If you can wear a Medium based on their measurements and are willing to send me $15 to cover shipping, let me know.