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The "Native Watch" - A unique watch with premium leather strap

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    The "Native Watch" - A unique watch with premium leather strap

    “The Native Watch” is the inaugural timepiece of the Americana collection that will be told through a series of chapters that will help tell the story of America’s history. Chapter 1 is inspired by the colorful and culturally rich Native American people. Created to showcase the stones that represent the beauty of the desert and tribal art all kinds, the watch features an intricately designed dial made of turquoise, unakite, marble tiger’s eye and more. Because of the use of natural stones, each individual watch one-of-a-kind. The hand-made natural stone dial is accented by a removable hand-stitched nato-style strap made from Horween Chromoexcel (CXL) premium leather.

    This collection is being crowdfunded via Kickstarter. As Brillier is already established in the watch community, the funds raised with Kickstarter will serve a different purpose. When the Great Depression hit, the culture and art of watchmaking nearly disappeared. With that in mind, each watch released in the collection will be sold exclusively on Kickstarter where the money raised will go towards bringing back manufacturing and production to America.

    Get one for yourself
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    how exactly does buying a watch with a whole bunch of foreign made parts bring production back to america? please be very specific with me about this.