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Welcome : Harris Tweed Pocket Squares weaved & handcrafted in Scotland (USA / Canada)

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    Welcome : Harris Tweed Pocket Squares weaved & handcrafted in Scotland (USA / Canada)

    [B]Dear Dappered Forum members,

    Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland. We are mrpocketsquares found at

    We weave and handcraft pocket squares using the Scottish cloth (Harris Tweed). I am writing here today to let members know about our exciting squares which offer a change from Silk / Cotton / Linen types. Harris Tweed is unique. It can not me manufactured anywhere in the world apart from on the Scottish Isles of Lewis /Harris etc. This cloth is protected by UK Law and makes it a bit special. The Scottish isles have been producing this wonderful cloth for many years. We have a dedicated website above and only deal with making pocket squares in Harris Tweed. At this time we are getting quite a few orders from USA / Canada Customers and feedback has been wonderful. At this time you can not get Harris Tweed pocket squares from any USA store. There is a lot of heritage behind our cloth and we hope to sell our Harris Tweed Squares to someone based in the USA. (ideas).

    Background notes it takes us about 3 months to weave our cloth using traditional manual looms. It then has to be passed by the Harris tweed Authority . This is when we get our Harris tweed orb labels signifying quality and authenticity. After that we cut and hand stitch the squares using our special overlock technique to stop fraying and giving our squares a straight poker edge making us the best. The squares measure 20cm by 20cm and are ironed out and sealed for delivery.

    Really just trying to get public awareness overseas on these as to an alternative material to the normal silk etc out there . Thanks hope you can visit our website and look at our site and feedback would be most appreciated. Anyone buying one from our site who mentions Dappered in the order box will save £5 sterling ($7) on delivery costs from USA / CANADA addresses money refunded back to them. Squares are priced at £18.95 or $29.00 dollars approx.
    YES Would be interested in buying one ?
    NO Would NOT be interested in buying one ?
    Yes Price seems Ok £18.95 ($30.00)
    No Price tag to Expensive.