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Fides - Handmade Leather Wallets and Keyholders [Kickstarter]

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    Fides - Handmade Leather Wallets and Keyholders [Kickstarter]

    Hi! I'm a hobbyist leatherworker living in Washington State, and I started my small side project of a company earlier this year. I got a decent amount of sales early on which enabled me to invest quickly in better tools and materials, and I've taken to Kickstarter to get my stuff a bit more publicity! All of my products are made completely by hand from start to finish, and made exclusively by me!

    You can read more about my process, as well as read more about the materials I use here on my Kickstarter

    The Reward Tiers I'll be featuring will be:

    Cardholder - $30

    Standard Cardholder with a front slot and large back compartment. Holds 4-5 cards total, and some folded bills.

    Minimalist Fold Wallet - $36

    A slightly larger cardholder/minimal wallet with a flap to secure cards and cash. Also features a front pocket and a larger back pocket. This one is wide enough to fully accommodate folded bills.

    Standard Bifold - $85

    The "flagship" of the collection! Features 4 card slots, 2 hidden slots, and a roomy bill compartment. Can hold up to 8 cards and cash comfortably.

    Key Holders - ($12 to $20)

    An assortment of various key holders to organize and streamline your key carry. The "key loop" models secure your keys with a brass screw to prevent them from jingling around and inadvertently advertising your presence to all in a 50 feet radius.

    Thanks, and have a nice day! I'd be more than happy to answer any questions as well.