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BROOKLYN WOLF - Trousers for lean, athletic men.

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    BROOKLYN WOLF - Trousers for lean, athletic men.

    Hello Dappered Community!

    Our good friend Dapperandy recommended this community to us and we see why! I would like to introduce our brand and talk a little bit our mission. We want to pick your brains and involve you guys as much as possible in our journey.

    My name's Richard and I am a former Big 4 Tax Accountant turned fashion entrepreneur. With me is Kitty; she does all things marketing on and offline.

    BROOKLYN WOLF is here to challenge the custom made-to-wear market in a big way. We want to provide lean athletic men with custom fit trousers at half the cost of custom fit price. Our approach to fit is extremely data focused. We spent 6 months measuring men in our target demographic and noticed the min and max measurements in the hip and thigh area was about 1”. This data was really interesting to us. We produced our first two prototype fits (difference between the two fits is a 1” increment in hip and thigh) and set out to see if we can get men to that custom fit feel with minor alterations. The feedback we received on our round 1 prototype was outstanding. We made some minor adjustments to our trousers and finalized our product design. Currently, we have finalized our first inventory run and are set to launch August 1st. In the meantime, we have released our launch campaign to get our community involved and to give out some awesome BROOKLYN WOLF perks. Check us out here!

    Our inspiration: As a lean athletic individual I had a tough time finding styles that I liked at a price point that I found reasonable. We're here to fix that. With our approach, we can get you to that custom fit feel at a price point of about $75-90 depending on the fabric. We’ve combed through thousands of fabrics (100% wool, super 100-110s, Poly/Wool blend) to curate a collection that caters to everyone’s taste and needs.

    Let us know if you have any questions!