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    Vincero - The Men's Collective - Watches & Leather Goods Direct to Members

    Fellow men of Dappered,

    We've been hanging around these parts for awhile and even have another thread around here specifically for our handmade automatic marble watches.

    We are Tim, Sean, and Aaron: the founders of the Vincero Collective.

    We are more than excited to finally announce The Vincero Men's Collective (Pronounced VIN-CHAIR-O) - A collective that delivers exceptionally crafted watches and leather accessories direct to men without the premium markups.

    Our members (free membership) curate our product releases, we produce and deliver direct to members at wholesale or better 30-60 days later. No middlemen, no inventory waste, no inflated prices.

    The Collective is already a quickly growing group of guys with over a few thousand members eagerly awaiting our upcoming product releases. We have a new watch collection and a vegetable tanned leather bag collection with estimated releases in early December and much more coming later in January and February.

    The next few comments include how we started the Vincero Collective and and what we are all about here.

    We would love to hear what you think and can answer any questions you may have.

    Come join us.

    Aaron, Tim and Sean


    It's always been our goal to offer premium menswear accessories to customers at a better value than they were finding elsewhere. The Marble Series was a great launching pad and a bit of a passion project for our team from a manufacturing perspective.

    We started the Men's Collective because as a team, we have worked together the past 5 years gaining experience in manufacturing all over the globe for brands both large and small. We saw the same products we were helping to make sold at retail prices over 4 or 5 times cost!

    We knew with our product development and manufacturing experience we could change the way these same products were made, priced and sold at a benefit to our members.

    The Vincero Men's Collective is that way.


      Check out our website for more but, in short, this is how the Collective works at providing members with the best possible value:

      1.) Premium materials : We only use the best of the best when it comes to developing products. For leather products that means Italian made vegetable tanned leather. For watches that means sapphire glass, 316 L Stainless Steel and all other goodies that make your accessories last as long as they do!
      2.) Quality Craftsmanship: We have existing relationships with some of the best in the industry. The same factories that make top tier brands take us out to lunch on a monthly basis .
      3.) Community Curation: We design & develop, but the collective community curates before production. If they don't like it we don't waste time or money making it. Product release launches (normally 2 weeks long) offer members the chance to grab products at the lowest possible price. No high inventory costs, no middleman, no inflated markups.
      4.) Community Oriented : This is truly a collective community and the Vincero team is constantly getting feedback from its members on what they want to see from both design and functional aspects. Thus, we aren’t only keeping money in customer’s pockets, we are giving them more power and control of the products that are made.


        Hey guys,

        We just got finished samples and pictures of our new green style we are adding to our marble collection. We haven't released it yet (so you won't find it on our site or anywhere else quite yet), but I wanted to show you guys before we do. What do you think?

        We will be releasing it in a limited 2 week launch later this month.

        I will add pictures of our other soon to be released minimalist watch and bag collections in the upcoming weeks as well, we would love to hear what you guys think.
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          Link is bad on my iPad


            Originally posted by Shade View Post
            Link is bad on my iPad
            Oh no!! Does this one work?



              Hey guys,

              Just three weeks away from releasing an even newer collection on site: Swiss Ronda movement with minimalist design.

              Check them out and let's hear what you think of the designs:


                Just 4 days away from adding the green Verde to our collection. Enjoy your weekend guys!


                  Hey guys!

                  Vincero Labs is officially up and running and the Verde collection is the first up for a limited two week release. Check it out:

                  Also coming soon to Vincero Labs are new full grain vegetable tanned weekender and briefcase bags as well as a minimalist watch collection in January and February. We are staying busy bringing our members premium goods they want to see!

                  We are also thinking about making a nice leather wallet because of our access to such high quality full grain veg-tanned leather. What kind of wallet would you guys like to see?

                  We are leaning towards a more minimalist type almost like a money clip or card holder rather than a traditional full wallet but open to ideas. Any ideas or links to wallets you would like to see?


                    Hi guys,

                    Need your input!

                    What are your favorite quotes regarding men's style? Or motivational quotes in general?

                    We are discussing putting quotes on a leather patch on the back of the main interior compartment of our new vegetable tanned leather briefcases.



                      The Baron Briefcase Collection was released this morning!

                      Campaign is up:

                      Full Grain leather briefcases available for 2 weeks at only $159.



                        Check out a video walk through of the Baron Briefcase Collection as one of our co-founders, Tim, takes you through each part!


                          Last Call on Full Grain Leather Briefcases for $159 in the Lab. Funding ends Sunday!


                            The new Slim Swiss series is coming to the Collective next week. Sign up for early access on our site


                              I was also one of the people who received a watch for a review and pictures. This is rose-gold with a black dial and black strap. First, let me say that gold-plate essentially limits this watch to a limited wear watch, because the plating will come off over time. That being said, it would not be bad for a dress watch rotation. It is very basic and simple.

                              I think it is an error to make this a 42mm watch. 40mm is the max I would go with a plain dress watch, regardless of the common trend.

                              The leather used in the strap is ok, not great, but not terrible feeling either. It's the weakest aspect of the watch IMO. The dial is basic and pretty good looking, not sure I like the company name on the left side of the dial. I really just have a list of good and bad below. Overall, I would say that at $150, it has stiff competition with Orient for dress watches. However, it may improve with some better QC processes, particularly the dust under the crystal and properly lined up indices. I don't really know how it matches up quality-wise to other watches in this price-point, my cheapest watch is a Seiko SARB033 so it's not a fair comparison.

                              -The hands don't line up with the indices
                              -Dust on dial (noticeable between the 1 and 2 o'clock in the photos; and 5 and 6; it is all over the dial when the sun hits it
                              -leather strap is lacking

                              -Pretty good looking watch
                              -Nice presentation
                              -Will be a community driven watch (I believe?), so what is liked is what will be made
                              -Accurate time