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    Hey guys, as some of you know, I recently started working for a new menswear company, and I just wanted to introduce it to everyone.

    Check us out at

    We're running a promotion for the July 4th weekend, buy 3 shirts, get the red, white and blue checked shirt free!

    Good luck at your new position and thanks for the heads up on the promo!


      Thanks for starting this thread Jake.

      Bumping this thread to extend our Labor Day Sale and to introduce myself -

      Jake lives on Dappered Threads and i have learned over time that you guys are the most savvy and knowledgeable men out there. I will personally be available here in real-time to address any questions or concerns you may have. Lets talk fellas.

      25% off the entire cart with code LABOROFLOVE.


        Quick Review

        Not sure if I should toss this here or in main forums, let me know.

        Twillory shirts have arrived, just a quick run through of the packaging and initial impressions.

        The material seems quite soft and nice, as expected of something advertised as sea island cotton(white) and long staple Egyptian cotton(Blue), I'd say that the Charles Tyrwhitt sea island shirt I have is a touch better feel wise but it did cost more. The sea island white definitely isn't bad at all, it's up in the top of my collection of custom made, CT, TM lewin, and it was a brief feel test out of the box. The MOP buttons are a nice touch, they are thin but I like that as they do up much easier, kudos to them for including extra MOP on the label.

        There's a slight sheen to it as expected and I personally love, even the oxford this morning sort of had a glow about it in the early morning light. Regarding the long staple Egyptian cotton feel, it's quite good has a bit of the thickness expected to it but it's still light, and it also has a slight sheen and doesn't look like the typical oxford shirts I see where they appear made for a brief life where they are tossed after a chemical lands on them.

        Oh and collar stays are included, thick ones that hopefully have enough weight to tame a collar

        The wash instructions need to be ignored if you live in a hard water area, I washed on a cold cycle and hang dry, cardboard sort of result, this happens to ALL shirts I own though, so a bit of time in the dryer does help, just make sure it's extra low.

        I look forward to them branching out with sizing, mine will require tailoring in the waist, very similar to slim/ESF Tyrwhitt fit for billow, shoulders and arm sleeve room. Sleeve length on the 36-37 is great for my monkey arms and they sit where they should, I've had some 36 sleeves seem rather short.

        Regarding shipping to Canada: They will do DHL now so no UPS surprise $35 processing fee along with duties, you will be hit for around $40 in duties and fees, $30 in duties and the $10 processing fee (Canada post charges $8.50 so it's not some huge charge), looks like returns are free though, there was a pre printed label in the package. Along with the $36 delivery fee, so I spent about $176 on two shirts all said and done,
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          Hey Shadow,

          Awesome review! Let me know if there's any more questions or comments.


            I just received purple gingham and blue gingham shirts. Part of a 2 for $99 sale. Excellent quality and a real nice tailored fit. I wish they offered more styles!


              Bumping this old thread...
              [MENTION=3047]Jake101[/MENTION] and [MENTION=12570][email protected][/MENTION], are the neck measurements accurate? I.e. does a size 15 actually measure 15" or is it more like 15.5" like many shirt brands?

              I see Twillory only offers 32-33 sleeve in 15" neck, I need 33.5 or even 34" sleeves, but find that 15.5 shirts are often a bit large in the neck (and usually measure closer to 16"). Any advice? Thanks!


                Hey there [MENTION=8057]Jamie[/MENTION],

                I've found personally that our collars are true to size. Our sleeve lengths also run towards the larger end of the range - so you could try both sizes! We do offer free shipping and returns for precisely that issue. Let me know if you have any other questions!